Rockstar Editor

The Rockstar Editor is a exclusive addition to GTAV on PC which allows players to capture, edit and share their creations. This is a dedicated page where we will post all of our Rockstar Editor projects and keep you informed of any future projects which are planned.


Published Projects:

Rockstar Games Presents: AGENT – Fan GTAV Teaser Trailer ~ Published May 19th, 2015.


For the next Rockstar Editor video, I’ve decided to look into the future at Rockstar Games’ next potential game release, and that’s AGENT. To build up a little hype (we could see some news at E3 2015) I’ve made a short teaser trailer for the game using GTA V and the PC Rockstar Editor.

For information on AGENT, stay tuned to the official website at –


GTA 5 – Don’t Drink & Drive ~ Published May 4th, 2015.


Every year thousands of people of all ages die in car accidents, and 1/3 of them involve alcohol or another substance. Our newest The aim of the video is to raise awareness about drink driving. This Rockstar Editor video is using GTA 5 PC to tell a short story about Michael going for a drink, getting drunk and then driving which leads to a car accident where 2 pedestrians die.

THINK, before you DRINK.


GTA 5 – Trailer 1 Remake ~ Published April 28th, 2015.

Trailer 1 Remake

For our fourth GTA 5 Rockstar Editor video, we’ve remade the GTA 5 First Trailer which Debuted in 2011. We’ve spent a good 7 or so hours on this trying to perfect it and get it as close to the original as possible, and we hope you all enjoy it and it lives up to your expectations!


GTA 5 – ‘Heavy Rain’ ~ Published April 25th, 2015.

Heavy Rain

A huge storm has broken out and the San Andreas state is starting to flood. Thunderstorms and severe rain threatens Los Santos and Blaine County and the people who live there. This is GTA 5: Heavy Rain.

The one thing about GTA 5 on PC which looks astonishing is the reflections and water quality (of which Water Quality is on Very High and Post FX is on Ultra) and this is the aim of the video, to showcase how good GTA 5 looks on PC.


GTA 5 – ‘Super Lazlow’ ~ Published April 22nd, 2015.

Super Lazlow

Presenting our second Rockstar Editor-created video, find out what happens when Lazlow gains super powers. With the ability to have super jump, explosive punches and invincibility, the chaos he causes in Los Santos is beyond anything the city has seen before.


GTAOnline Prison Break Heist Movie ~ Published April 17th, 2015.

Prison Break

With the recent launch of GTAV on PC, we decided to take to the Rockstar Editor and make the GTAOnline Prison Break Heist into a short movie. A team of 4 must break into the Bolingbroke Penitentiary Prison and evacuate Rashkovsky out of San Andreas.


Future Projects:

Below are some upcoming projects for 2015/2016. Stay tuned for any additional projects to be added to the list. The projects will be developed and published in the order of the list below.


‘Speedline Miracle Masterpiece’

‘L.S Noire’

‘Silent Killer’

PS4 & Xbox One Trailer Remake

‘The Assassin’


‘Ghost Andreas’

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