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Rockstar Universe is a fan-website which was created in order to provide news, information and media on Rockstar Games titles, right at the heart of the community. Focused and based mainly on our website here but also on Twitter, not only do we report on the news of upcoming and current games, but we love to see and share fan work, whether that be artwork, videos, creations or in-game content. Occasionally, from time to time we may get given the opportunity to interview real developers from Rockstar Games who have worked on some of our favourite titles. Keep an eye on our website for these.

Rockstar Universe launched on July 12th, 2014 and has grown in a number of ways including followers on Twitter, recognition by Rockstar Games and also the love and support from our fans. Rockstar Universe became stagnant in November 2018 shortly after Red Dead Redemption II released. This was due to a number of person circumstances which took priority and most of my personal time. Now in 2021, Rockstar Universe is back with the same well-remembered theme, but with a bunch of visual upgrades as well as enhanced security features, technical upgrades, stability upgrades and full-responsive for mobile and tablet devices!

In January 2022, Rockstar Universe obtained a new member to the team, Matt (aka SpitzerFX in the community) who took the lead role to manage our Twitter social media account and interact with the Rockstar Games community members. Running a website and being involved in the community is a voluntary hobby that takes up spare time, and so it is humbling to be recognised by Rockstar Games and members of the community as a trusted and reliable source. We will never post ‘clickbait’ or misleading information, and if we do it is human error and we apologise. Rockstar Universe is a proud accomplishment of mine and one that I will always be grateful of. Find out more about me in the section below.



Lewis (Owner/Founder)

  • Name: Lewis Palin
  • From: Staffordshire, United Kingdom
  • Role: Owner & Founder // Website Admin // Social Media Admin
  • Favourite Rockstar Games Title: Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes From Liberty City
  • Platforms: Xbox Series X, PC, IOS
  • Favourite Hobbies: Gaming & Photography 
  • Twitter

Available Positions:

Here at Rockstar Universe we are always on the look out for talented community members who may be a perfect match for positions we advertise. All positions are voluntary, however are very rewarding. If you think any positions below suit your skills and preferences, then get in touch with us either by Twitter or Facebook!

There are currently no positions available. Please check back later.