Welcome to Rockstar Universe! We are a fan website created to provide news, information, and media on Rockstar Games titles whilst being right at the heart of the community. Focused and based mainly on our website here but also on 𝕏, not only do we report on the news of upcoming and current games, but we love to see and share fan-made content! We want to see it, whether artwork, videos, real-life creations or in-game content! You can contact us via Twitter or email us at contact@rockstaruniverse.co.uk.

With being a recognised fan site in the community, we occasionally from time to time get given opportunities to interview developers from Rockstar Games who have worked on some of our favourite titles, but also actors involved in the games, such as our interview in October 2021 with Red Dead Redemption 2’s Roger Clark who is responsible for the Performance Capture of Arthur Morgan, the main protagonist in the storyline. You can read the interview here, but keep an eye on our website for more in the future!

Rockstar Universe launched on July 12th, 2014 and was created by Lewis, a passionate Rockstar Games fan who has been a community member for over a decade. Lewis has been responsible for running the website along with the social media channels since the website launched; however, following the growth of the page and social media channels, along with the highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI on the horizon, it felt only right that Rockstar Universe needed to welcome additional community members to join the team. 

Running social media pages and websites can be difficult, especially in our own time, without any financial benefit. We do this because we are passionate and committed and love community involvement. Rockstar Universe has grown over the years, and with the team’s expansion, we are excited to see the growth continue with Grand Theft Auto VI and beyond. You can find out more about us by reading our profiles below. 

The Team


Lewis. – Owner / Founder

  • Name: Lewis
  • From: United Kingdom
  • Role(s): Owner/Founder, Content Writer & Social Media Manager
  • Joined: March 2014
  • Favourite Rockstar Games Title: Grand Theft Auto IV & Episodes From Liberty City
  • Platforms: Xbox Series X, PC, IOS
  • Favourite Hobbies: Gaming, Photography & Motorsports


Available Positions:

Here at Rockstar Universe, we are always on the lookout for talented community members who may be a perfect match for the positions we advertise. All posts are voluntary. However, they are very rewarding. If any posts below suit your skills and preferences, contact us by 𝕏 or Instagram!


YouTube Content CreatorRockstar Universe seeks a passionate and committed individual with excellent knowledge of video games (specifically Rockstar Games titles) and video editing software. With the recent re-launch of our YouTube channel, we are looking to expand our social media outreaches to other platforms to grow and develop our community. We are looking for an individual to create, edit and publish videos for our YouTube channel around news/information of past, present and upcoming Rockstar Games titles as an alternative to us publishing articles on our website. This is not a paid position (as we run Rockstar Universe voluntarily); however, it is an excellent opportunity to develop your video editing skills, work with a great team and get involved in a well-known and respected community. If you want to know more about our Content Creator position, please contact us via one of our social media platforms or at contact@rockstaruniverse.co.uk.

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