GTA Online

GTA Online Event Week February 23rd – March 2nd

Los Santos residents are kicking it up a notch with new bonuses on Nightclubs and more. Check out everything in February’s final Event Week below. 


HSW: Ron Alternates

There are time trial, and then there are HSW time trials. The difference? Just check your speedometer as you nosedive into the Vespucci Beach public bathrooms. Time trial for Hao’s Special Works vehicles only.


Time Trial: Galileo Park

Social mobility, Los Santos style: how fast can you get an SUV across the Vinewood Hills to the new installation at the Kortz Center?


RC Bandito Time Trial: La Fuente Blanca

How do you piss off a cartel lord without putting yourself in line to be decapitated? Step one, grab an RC car…


This week in GTA Online get:

  • 2x GTA$ & RP on Offense Defense Adversary Mode
  • 2x Goods on Steal Nightclub Goods Mission
  • 2x GTA$ on Nightclub Popularity
  • 2x Popularity on Nightclub Management Missions
  • 1.5x 1.5x Speed Boost on Nightclub Production Rate


Swing by The Diamond Casino & Resort this week to have a chance of winning the Karin Previon.


This week’s Prize Ride is the BF Weevil. Place top 3 for 2 days in a row in the Street Race Series to claim.


Players on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S can test the Banshee 900R at the LS Car Meet.


Also on the Test Track: Dinka Blista Kanjo, Lampadati Komoda and the Vapid Chino


Luxury Autos Car Dealership this week are offering: Enus Paragon R and Progen Emerus.


Head to Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom and test out and purchase: Albany Hermes, Emperor ETR1, Declasse Tahoma Coupe, Vapid FMJ and the Declasse Yosemite.


35% off:

  • Nightclubs, +Renovations and Upgrades

25% off:

  • FMJ
  • Komoda
  • ETR1
  • Surfer Custom
  • Tahoma Coupe
  • Yosemite


If you have GTA+ listen up! Members can take the driver’s seat, passenger seat or backseat with lots of rewards and bonuses available through February 15th. Check out what’s in store for those who are GTA+ members below


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