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Just like Grand Theft Auto III and other video game titles, there’s always content changes, known as, Content Cuts. Below are some of the different things which were either altered or completely removed from the final game:



  • A character called Mr. Moffat was removed from the game. Mr. Moffat and Tommy Vercetti apparently knew each other from the past and Moffat has found himself on the run again in Vice City. Moffat was scheduled to appear in a mission, where Tommy would help him escape.
  • Tommy Vercetti wore a dark blue Hawaiian shirt.
  • Ricardo Diaz’ concept name was supposedly Fernando Diaz.
  • Pastor Richards was scheduled to give protagonist Tommy Vercetti a mission.
  • On Kent Paul’s website, BJ Smith’s concept name was possibly BJ Jones.
  • SWAT members wore a different styled outfit, much brighter and bluer.
  • A pedestrian with blond hair, pigtails, and a red skirt used to be in the game. Based on her appearance in “The Party” with Jezz Torrent, it is implied that the pedestrian was replaced by the brunette Love Fist fan.



  • Unused audio files suggest that Dwaine and Jethro were to make an appearance in “The Fastest Boat” for Ricardo Diaz.
  • The introduction sequence used to be much longer. When Ken Rosenberg picks up Tommy Vercetti at the airport, Ken explained that the Vance brothers operate out of Mexico and own a farm in Panama.
  • The coke on Sonny Forelli’s table during An Old Friend was blocky instead of round.



  • Leaf Links did not seem to appear at one point during development. This may be due to poor draw distance.
  • Fort Baxter Air Base originally included an air traffic control tower and a runway. The runway is totally absent, but the tower can still be seen in the distance from Vice City Beach.
  • The map at Sunshine Autos depicts several changes to the city before its final design. These include:Apartment 3c used to be visible from the outside.

    • Some roads were absent, notably the long road from the Downtown police station to the Ammunation.
    • Hyman Memorial Stadium was absent.
    • The northeast part of the Vice Point’s beach did not exist.
    • Vice Port had a waterway and ships were absent.
    • There are no shacks in the sea.
    • The rocks and lighthouse in Ocean Beach were absent.
  • The Ocean View Medical Foundation buildings had a bluer exterior.



  • A Grenade Launcher was cut.
  • The beta MP5 looked shorter and very different, it can be seen in the intro of GTA Vice City
  • The PSG-1 (.308 Sniper) did not have a silencer.
  • There is a model and textures for an AK-47 in the game files. However, it has never appeared in any of the screen shots or trailers for the game. What some fans claim to be an AK-47 in one of the trailers, is actually the Ruger with its brown texture from the PS2 version of the game.
  • There was a Tazer, a Nailgun and Landmines in the beta version, textures exist in the game files.
  • The shotgun from GTA III was originally in the game.
  • Shown on a poster featured in the flash version of the official website, there was a silenced Ingram.
  • The M4 had a longer barrel and a different aim in the beta.
  • There was originally a Steyr Aug in the beta version, files of it exist in the PS2 Version.
  • Tear Gas was removed from Xbox, PC and later PS2 versions of the game.
  • The Grenade kept its model from GTA III.