Grand Theft Auto VI

Microsoft Expects GTA6 Release in 2024 Following Latest CMA Statement

We know that the next instalment of the Grand Theft Auto series is still some time away, despite the recent gameplay leaks earlier this year showing what looked to be pre-alpha footage. However if you pay any attention to gaming news, you may be aware of the whole Sony, Microsoft and Activision situation which is still going on. In the latest CMA Statement from Microsoft (CMA meaning Competition and Markets Authority), the company have mentioned Take-Two and referred to GTAV, Red Dead Redemption 2 and surprisingly, Grand Theft Auto VI.

The statement can be found on the UK Government Website here. On Page 24 out of 111… Microsoft have said:

“The highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI is expected to be released in 2024”. ~ Microsoft

It’s more likely going to be a complete guess from Microsoft about when GTAVI is due to release given that they only said ‘expected’. From recent reports with ex-developers though, they have said that Grand Theft Auto VI is at least 2 years away from being finished, and although Take-Two and Rockstar commented on the recent leaks stating it would not affect the development long-term, it is bound to still have some from of impact and cause a slight delay. 

Until the official word comes from Rockstar Games I wouldn’t get your hopes up on seeing a new GTA game just yet. An announcement is possible for 2023, with another 12-18 months until launch in 2024 (which will most likely get delayed until 2025). It is however good that even companies such as Microsoft are now recognising GTAVI as a product and anticipating that it will sell just as well as GTAV, if not better. 

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