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Rockstar Games Disbands the Rockstar Games Social Club Ahead of GTA6 Reveal

The Rockstar Games Social Club, known for its Livestreams, Giveaways, social connectivity and more, has been disbanded by Rockstar Games.

All references, including text and images, that related to the Rockstar Social Club, has now been removed from the website. This follows an update to Rockstar’s official page, which saw the integration of what originally was the Social Club, now on their main homepage as a ‘Rockstar Games Account’.


Our friend Ben has also noticed that any mention of ‘Social Club’ has been scrapped and changed, including “You don’t have any Social Club friend”, which is now “You don’t have any Rockstar Games friends”.

The link to the Rockstar Social Club still exists and still takes you to the Social Club website, so it’s likely the platform will still exist but will be called something different moving forward, especially with the announcement of GTA6 and the next GTA Online game on the horizon. 

Rockstar Games haven’t made any comments on the updates to their website, nor have they made any official announcements regarding the Rockstar Social Club and whether they plan to full scrap it and replace it with a new social platform, or simply just rename it. What we do know is, the security on the Social Club was one that needed some major attention, with personal details being exposed due to the insecurity of the website. We have reached out to Rockstar Games to comment on the matter, however we don’t anticipate to have any official comment on it. 


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