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Rockstar Games LA Studio Recruiting NPC Writer & Casts For New Game

Back in August 2023 Rockstar Games opened a new studio in Los Angeles, albeit this was kept very much on the hush with no public announcement. The discovery was found by ourselves via the Rockstar Games Careers Website. It’s unknown what the studio has been opened for or what they’re working on, however there have been 3 job listings recently that could indicate the new studio is working on the next title after Grand Theft Auto VI.

On the Rockstar LA Careers Website, 3 job listings have been put up in relation to NPC (Non-Playable Character) and other Voice-Over roles, along with an Associate-Writer for Pedestrians and Ambient Dialogue. The Associate Writer listing states:

Rockstar is on the lookout for a talented writer to work on dialogue for our ambient population. This is an entry-level role that will have you working alongside other writers to create exciting, interactive encounters with our games’ pedestrians.

On looking at the job listings, it would indicate that these are for an open-world game with a living-breathing world of pedestrians and characters, similar to GTA and Red Dead Redemption. It’s unknown whether the job listing is for GTAVI, however it would seem unlikely for them to leave the pedestrians and ambient dialogue for this far into development. That being said, given that Rockstar have recently opened up this new studio, it’s possible that this is for early work on the next title after GTAVI, what that is though remains a mystery. 

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