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Rockstar Lincoln is the UK-based dedicated Quality Assurance and Localization studio, where all the efforts are focused on assuring the integrity of all Rockstar titles, specifically in the main European languages of English, German, French, Italian and Spanish as well as other foreign languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Polish and Russian. In addition to being a world-class QA studio of dedicated professionals, Rockstar Lincoln also has a lively and friendly atmosphere where it’s not uncommon for the team to partake in a bit of paintballing, karting, and rousing nights out.

Located in the East Midlands of England, Lincoln is a historic city surrounded by English countryside and farmland. The crisp rural setting has a great small-town feel with a population of around 85,000. The major cities of Leeds, Sheffield and Nottingham are each only about an hour away. Lincoln has a growing university culture with a substantial population of students, which has helped to foster the cultural changes that have been apparent throughout the city over the last ten years, with a steady growth in nightlife and other leisure and entertainment activities. The relatively low cost of living and plentiful housing makes Lincoln an affordable and attractive location.