GTA 6 Pre-Alpha Gameplay Leaked Online

In what could be the biggest gaming leak in HISTORY, it would appear that 90 videos of what is believed to be Pre-Alpha footage of Grand Theft Auto VI has been leaked on GTAForums, supposedly by the same person wo hacked Uber 2 days ago. You can read about that here.

In the leak there are a total of 90 videos which showcase what was rumoured recently to be ‘Project Americas’. This file, which is around 3.2GB in size in size show off a number of locations, characters, dialogue, vehicles and weapons. The footage looks to be from a very early stage of development, using a lot of GTAV assets. This is normal when it comes to game development, however it does confirm our location of the game. Vice City. The post of GTAForums has since been deleted.

A few months ago we posted about Grand Theft Auto VI details which had leaked, which included; 2 Protagonists, this time would be a female for the first time. The game is known to be Project Americas and is set in Vice City. There is a lot of speculation around whether or not these videos are real or fake, however one leaked is rather striking. It shows 2 NPS having a conversation about Jay Norris being dead and hacking into your brain. This is a clear reference to the technician which Michael has to dispose of from Life Invader in GTAV. 

WARNING – Due to the severity of this leak, along with the financial impact it can have by law suits for posting this type of content, we won’t be uploading anything to our website, but also out of respect for Rockstar Games and the developers who have been and still are, hard at work on the game. However, check out a tweet from @Who2Pitts of the NPC conversation which appears to be the most convincing video of them all. Let us know what you think.

We will reach out to Rockstar Games regarding the leak, but it is unlikely we will get a reply.

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