What We Know So Far About GTA6 From Today’s Leaks

Earlier this morning, video game history was made. The biggest leak in gaming history occurred when an unknown user posted on GTAForums a link to more than 1 hour’s worth of Pre-Alpha gameplay of Grand Theft Auto VI which spanned from 2019 to August 2022. 

We have seen the footage, and due to DMCA’s and lawsuits we won’t be showing them here on our website, however there is plenty of it going around on the internet. We have debunked as much of the footage as possible which we have watched and managed to establish a few things about the game. So, what exactly do we know so far?…

What we know about GTAVI from the leaks:

  • Codename Project Americas was in fact correct from previous leaks. The term ‘Americas’ can be seen throughout all of the Alpha gameplay. 


  • Set after Grand Theft Auto V, potentially present day around 2022-2024 (or whenever it is released).


  • Vice City is confirmed to be the game’s setting, along with surrounding areas. Unsure as to how big the map is in terms of sq miles or comparison to GTAV.


  • The game will feature 2 playable characters. A male and for the first time in the series a female. These are called Jason and Lucia, however their last names are not known and have not been mentioned in the gameplay. It is unknown as to whether they are related by family means or whether they are a couple (partners or married etc).


  • There will be new movement mechanics, this includes but not limited to Crouch, Prone and Crawling. Possibly a new dynamic to completing missions more stealthily.


  • Once again the storyline looks to be based around robberies and heists like GTAV and RDR2.


  • The game potentially may have adapted the way you can carry weapons, taking features from Max Payne 3 and RDR2 where you are limited as to what you can carry, I.E only a handful of pistols, 1 rifle etc at a time.


  • With weapons you will physically drop them and pick them up off the ground.


  • 5 Star wanted level will be back just like GTAV, however this is subject to change through development and it may be the devs choose to bring back the classic 6 star wanted level.


  • Appears a wider range of weapons can be used in vehicles to complete drive-bys, such as assault rifles. The animations actually move the character to lean out of the window of the vehicle rather than sitting still and firing.


  • Ambient score (music) will return during missions and police chases etc like in GTAV and RDR2.


  • The game will feature an interaction ability the same as RDR2, where locking onto NPCs will allow you to choose whether to rob them or melee them. It is unsure if this will be used outside of missions to greet or threaten people the same as RDR2.


  • The game will have a ‘Cops Arriving’ bar at the top of the screen during missions to display how long until the cops get to your location. It is unknown if this is limited to story missions or whether the police system has been re-worked. This may also just be a developer tool. 


  • ‘WhatUp!’ Is a communication feature in the game, possibly the GTA version of WhatsApp. It may be that we are able to download different apps through the in-game phone to communicate with characters throughout the story.


  • Port Gellhorn is a location in the game. Unknown where about on the map it is located, this is only due to the police vehicles having Port Gellhorn livery on them.


  • ‘Sharevari’ by The Dirtbombs appears to be in the game, but is known in GTAV as being on Moodymann’s Music Locker mix, so is most likely just a re-used asset for now.


  • ‘Cash Shit’ by Megan Thee Stallion appears to be in the game, but is heard on iFruit radio on in GTAV an potentially is just a re-used asset for now.


  • ’30 Days in the hole’ by Humble Pie is heard in the game, however this is from GTAV as potentially a re-used asset for now.


  • There appear to be animations for vehicle interiors such as moving brake and gas pedals, gloveboxes, steering wheel, sunvisors, mirrors etc. This level of detail suggests 1st person mode will return.


  • It would appear as though Special Abilities will return, previously featured in GTAV and unique to each character. Unsure as to what these abilities will be.


  • Bodies of knocked out people / deceased people can be carried on the player’s shoulder, the same as in RDR2.

The list above are just a few new features which have been noticed during the alpha footage which has been leaked online, however Rockstar Games have confirmed that the next entry in the series is in ‘Active Development’, meaning that the developers are changing things in the game on a regular basis. This means the list above may be completely incorrect, be subject to change or be features in the game. Hopefully we hear about an official announcement from Rockstar Games soon and the first official trailer which shows off the game at its more completed stage.

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