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Claude – Protagonist:

Claude is a criminal who has just arrived in Liberty City with his girlfriend, Catalina, the two having met in San Andreas in 1992. Catalina turns on Claude after they rob a bank, as she joins the Colombian Cartel. On the way of being transported by the police to Portland Island, the convoy is attacked on the Callahan Bridge and Claude escapes with 8-Ball. The two escape and Claude begins to work for the Leone Family, before working for various other people and criminal organisations. He is the only protagonist who doesn’t have a voice, however when he gets injured, minor sounds are heard.


Catalina – Antagonist:

Catalina, voiced by Cynthia Farrell, is Claude’s girlfriend who arrives in Liberty City in 2001. They rob a bank, however after the robbery is complete she shoots him and leaves him for dead. She then goes and joins the Colombian Cartel and begins to run the manufacturing of SPANK in the city alongside Miguel, her new partner in crime. When the story comes to an end, Claude eventually kills Catalina at the Dam in Shoreside Vale. 


Miguel – Major Character:

Miguel, voiced by Al Espinosa, is a high ranked member of the Colombian Cartel and Catalina’s new partner in crime. He is seen helping her escape after robbing a bank and is frequently seen with Catalina. Further into the story, Miguel is shot by Catalina after he gives Claude a package wanted by Donald Love. Catalina flees without him, leaving him with Asuka Kasen, who tortures information out of him. Miguel’s information allows Claude to hinder Cartel activities. Catalina then eventually returns and kills Miguel and Asuka.


Mullan (8-Ball) – Major Character:

8-Ball, voiced by The Guru. is an expert with explosives who owns three bomb shops throughout Liberty City. He and Claude get transported by the police to Portland Island, when they escape after the Colombian Cartel attack the convoy and blow up the Callahan Bridge. He had been convicted on eighty-five charges of owning a firearm without a licence. 8-Ball helps Claude get work with the Leone Family and later to destroy a ship docked in Portland Harbour, which was being used by the Cartel as a SPANK factory.


Luigi Goterelli – Major Character:

Luigi Goterelli is voiced by Joe Pantoliano. He’s a businessman who owns Luigi’s Sex Club 7, a bar in the Red Light District, in Portland Island. He is a high ranked member of the Leone Family and a friend of 8-Ball. Because of this, it allowed 8-Ball to get Claude work with Luigi. Luigi does some work on the site as a pimp for various prostitutes on Portland Island.


Joey Leone – Major Character:

Joey Leone, voiced by Michael Rapaport, is the son of Salvatore Leone and runs a garage in the Trenton district of Portland Island. Claude’s introduced to him when Luigi Goterelli has him drive Misty to his garage. Joey takes on Claude to do various jobs, including killing Mike Forelli and Lee Chong, and also introduces him to Toni Cipriani (the Protagonist in Liberty City Stories).


Toni Cipriani – Major Character:

Toni Cipriani, voiced by Michael Madsen and know as the Protagonist in Liberty City Stories, is a caporegime of the Leone Family and helps to run his mother’s restaurant located in the Saint Mark’s district of Portland Island. He is introduced to Claude by Joey Leone and has Claude attack the Triads, including the murder of three Triad war lords and the destruction of a Triad-owned factory. 


Salvatore Leone – Major Character:

Salvatore Leone, is voiced by Frank Vincent and is the Don of the Leone Family. He is also the father of Joey Leone, husband of Maria Latore and the owner of Salvatore’s Gentlemen’s Club in the Saint Mark’s district in Portland Island, which is also his home. He meets Claude when he calls a meeting and has him do a number of jobs, including killing Curly Bob and destroying a ship docked in Portland Harbour. Salvatore’s paranoia gets the better of him and he turns on Claude, setting him up to be killed. However Maria saves him and then join forces with Asuka Kasen and the Yakuza. Asuka has Claude kill Salvatore to get his revenge and to prove his links with the Leone Family are over.


Maria Latore – Major Character:


Maria Latore, voiced by Debi Mazar, is the wife of Salvatore Leone. He has Claude “look after her for the evening”, ending in Claude driving her to safety from pursuing LCPD officers. She later tells her husband that she is dating Claude, leading to Salvatore attempting to kill him. Maria and Claude escape and join forces with Asuka Kasen. She is later kidnapped by Catalina, however gets saved by Claude. 


Asuka Kasen – Major Character:

Asuka Kasen is voiced by Lianna Pai and is the co-leader of the Yakuza, with her brother Kenji. She helps Claude and Maria escape from Portland Island. She later employs Claude to do various jobs, including killing Salvatore Leone and Tanner. She introduces Claude to her brother, and corrupt LCPD officer and Yakuza informant, Ray Machowski. After her brother is killed, she has Claude, who had killed him in a Cartel Cruiser, attack the Cartel, gaining information from Miguel, who she tortures. Asuka and Miguel later die from being killed by Catalina. 


Kenji Kasen – Major Character:

Kenji Kasen, voiced by J.N Mau, is the co-leader of the Yakuza, with his sister Asuka. He is introduced to Claude by his sister and has him do various jobs, including busting Kanbu out of jail and taking him to a safehouse. Claude kills Kenji on orders from Donald Love, who runs over Kenji in a Cartel Cruiser in order to start a war between the Yakuza and Cartel.


Ray Machowski – Major Character:

Ray Machowski is voiced  by Robert Loggia and is a corrupt LCPD police officer and an informant to the Yakuza gang. He meets Claude by Asuka Kasen. Ray employs Claude to do different jobs, including the murder of his former partner Leon McAffrey, who was going to give evidence against Machowski. Ray also introduces Claude to Donald Love. He later has Claude help him flee the city, by driving to Francis International Airport, where he flies out to Vice City.


Donald Love – Major Character:

Donald Love, voiced by Kyle MacLachlan, is a businessman, media mogul and real estate developer. He owns Love Media, which owns “900 radio stations, 300 television stations, 4 networks, 3 satellites, (and) 10 senators”, which includes Flashback 95.6, Chatterbox FM, Head Radio and Double Clef FM. They also own the Liberty Tree newspaper and possibly the Bitchin’ Dog Food Factory. Donald Love lives in an apartment in south Bedford Point on Staunton Islandand and is introduced to Claude by Ray Machowski. Love has Claude to some jobs for him, including rescuing the Oriental Gentleman and allow Love to retrieve a package, with Claude acting as a decoy. He later disappears, leaving only an open box on his apartments roof.