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Liberty City, USA. Welcome to America’s worst city.

You’ve been betrayed and left for dead. Now you’re taking revenge, unless the city gets you first. Mob bosses need a favor, crooked cops need help and street gangs want you dead. You’ll have to rob, steal and kill just to stay out of serious trouble. Anything can happen out here.

Featuring a fully 3-D living city, a combination of narrative driven and non-linear gameplay and a completely open environment, Grand Theft Auto III represents a huge leap forward in interactive entertainment. For the first time, players are put at the heart of their very own gangster movie, and let loose in a fully-realised 3 dimensional city, in which anything can happen and probably will.

With a cast of hundreds, 50 plus vehicles, ranging from sports cars to ice cream trucks and from boats to buses, 3 hours of music, including opera, reggae, house, drum and bass, pop and disco, a huge array of street ready weapons and some of the seediest characters in video game history, Grand Theft Auto 3 is a sprawling epic which will show you that sometimes, crime can pay and sometimes it can pay you back.



Grand Theft Auto III takes place in Liberty City (based upon New York City), a city on America’s East Coast. The overall size of GTA III’s world is around three square miles. This version used in Grand Theft Auto III was also used later on in GTA: Liberty City Stories, a sequel to the story showing the events leading up to the story in GTA III. It was also used for GTA Advance and a mission called “Saint Mark’s Bistro” in GTA: San Andreas, and is one of the three renditions of Liberty City featured throughout the series. A previous version of the city was also featured in the original Grand Theft Auto game, and a newer version was later used for Grand Theft Auto IV (2008), Episodes from Liberty City (2009) and a top-down version in GTA: Chinatown Wars (2009). Grand Theft Auto III is set around Autumn in 2001. When the game was first released, this was indicated by the Liberty Tree website, which included plot points that connect events from the beginning of the game in its last existing monthly entry, dated October 18th, 2001. Throughout the story of GTA III, players progress through 3 islands. The player starts in Portland Island, and after completing the required amount of missions to progress, can later go over the the second island, Staunton Island. Here, the player is required to complete more missions before progressing again to the third island, Shoreside Vale, where the story concludes. 



The storyline in Grand Theft Auto III puts players behind Claude, a bank robber who is left for dead by his girlfriend and then quickly becomes caught in a world of gangs, crime and corruption. 

In October 2001 in Liberty City, an ambitious criminal called Claude robs a bank with his Girlfriend, Catalina. The opening cutscene in the game shows them escaping from the Liberty Bank along with another male accomplice as well as a getaway driver called Miguel, showing outside the bank with a Banshee sports car. From the alleyway a gunshot is heard which indicated that the male accomplice has been shot. Claude then turns the corner to find Catalina pointing two pistols at him. She then tells him that she is ambitious and that he is just “small time”. She then shoots him and leaves him for dead. Catalina and Miguel then escape. Even though Claude survived from being shot, he was arrested and sentenced to 10 years in Liberty prison.

As he gets transported in a prison truck over the Callahan Bridge, the Colombian Cartel ambushes Claude’s police convoy for a prisoner, which ends up freeing Claude and a fellow prisoner, 8-ball in the process. Suddenly a dropped bomb on the bridge explodes which kills everyone but the duo and splits the Callahan Bridge into two, isolating Portland Island from the rest of the city.

8-Ball leads Claude to a safehouse and introduces him to the Leone mafia crime family; Sex Club 7 owner Luigi Goterelli, Salvatore Leone, the Don of the family, his Capo Toni Cipriani and the Don’s son Joey Leone. Whilst working for the family, Claude finds himself fighting the Colombians who are being led by Catalina in proliferating a new drug called “SPANK”. Meanwhile, Salvatore’s wife Maria, begins to take a liking to Claude. Salvatore doesn’t like the situation and leads Claude into a death trap, but Maria saves him just in time and they both flee to Staunton Island by a boat. 

Claude then starts to work for the city’s Yakuza gang and its leader Asuka Kasen, Maria’s close friend who has Claude kill Salvatore and gets his revenge. This meant all of Claude’s ties with the Leone family have been cut off and they’re now against him. Claude’s work leads him to allying himself with other criminal sources, such as corrupt police detective, Ray Machowski, who is investigating SPANK and is an enemy of the Cartel. Claude later saves Ray from Internal Affairs and the CIA by helping him flee the city and Machowski escapes to Vice City. 

Claude also meets Donald Love, a charismatic media mogul who maintains a huge media front, but to hide his secret cannibalism and necrophilia. In an effort to create a war between the Yakuza and Cartel, Claude and Donald Love organise the death of Asuka’s brother, Kenji Kasen and frame the Cartel. Later on, Donald asks Claude to rescue a man who was kidnapped by the Cartel in the prison truck in which Claude was in.

While Claude is on the job, he finally confronts Catalina face to face, but she eludes death and leaves Miguel to his fate, showing her cruel, violent and opportunistic side. Miguel is confronted by Asuka, who abducts him believing him to have knowledge of her brother’s death. Miguel then begs Claude to save him, but Claude leaves him after remembering his role in the betrayal. Soon after this, Donald disappears from Liberty City under unknown circumstances.

On the side, Claude also works for smaller street gangs, like the Diablos and their leader El Burro, Southside Hoods, the Yardies and serial killer / factory owner, Marty Chonks. The Yardies leader, the ambitious King Courtney, is responsible for Claude’s falling out with the Diablos and betrays Claude himself after allying himself with the Cartel. This leaves the Southside Hoods to be one of the few allies which Claude has.

With this war with the Cartel getting more intense, Asuka and Maria learn of Claudes’ history with Catalina and get him to fight many Cartel operations head on. Eventually, his exploits attract the attention of Catalina. This results in Maria’s abduction by the Cartel and the death of both Asuka and Miguel, killed by Catalina herself. The Colombian Cartel later demand that Claude is to give them $500,000 in exchange for Maria’s release. This gives Claude the opportunity to face Catalina once more.

When Claude makes it to the Cartel’s mansion with the money, he confronts Catalina who then attempts to get him killed there and then. Although he has his weapons taken away, Claude overpowers his would-be executioners and fights his way to the City’s Dam where Maria and Catalina are. In the resulting final firefight, Catalina attempts to flee the Dam in a chopper and makes a final attempt to end Claude’s life. Claude then proceeds to kill the remaining Cartel members holding Maria. He then gets access to a discarded rocket launcher and proceeds to shoot down the helicopter. He’s successful. He blows up the helicopter which effectively kills Catalina. As the game concludes, Claude and Maria leave the dam and Maria starts talking to Claude, before starting to complain about the state the kidnapping has left her in, such as the state of her clothes and nails, to the frustration of Claude. In the background, a news report can be heard about the recent events at the dam. 

After the screen fades to black, a mysterious gunshot is heard and Maria’s voice is suddenly silenced, leaving it unknown if he killed her, or if Maria killed Claude.



Claude – Protagonist:

Claude is a criminal who has just arrived in Liberty City with his girlfriend, Catalina, the two having met in San Andreas in 1992. Catalina turns on Claude after they rob a bank, as she joins the Colombian Cartel. On the way of being transported by the police to Portland Island, the convoy is attacked on the Callahan Bridge and Claude escapes with 8-Ball. The two escape and Claude begins to work for the Leone Family, before working for various other people and criminal organisations. He is the only protagonist who doesn’t have a voice, however when he gets injured, minor sounds are heard.


Catalina – Antagonist:

Catalina, voiced by Cynthia Farrell, is Claude’s girlfriend who arrives in Liberty City in 2001. They rob a bank, however after the robbery is complete she shoots him and leaves him for dead. She then goes and joins the Colombian Cartel and begins to run the manufacturing of SPANK in the city alongside Miguel, her new partner in crime. When the story comes to an end, Claude eventually kills Catalina at the Dam in Shoreside Vale. 


Miguel – Major Character:

Miguel, voiced by Al Espinosa, is a high ranked member of the Colombian Cartel and Catalina’s new partner in crime. He is seen helping her escape after robbing a bank and is frequently seen with Catalina. Further into the story, Miguel is shot by Catalina after he gives Claude a package wanted by Donald Love. Catalina flees without him, leaving him with Asuka Kasen, who tortures information out of him. Miguel’s information allows Claude to hinder Cartel activities. Catalina then eventually returns and kills Miguel and Asuka.


Mullan (8-Ball) – Major Character:

8-Ball, voiced by The Guru. is an expert with explosives who owns three bomb shops throughout Liberty City. He and Claude get transported by the police to Portland Island, when they escape after the Colombian Cartel attack the convoy and blow up the Callahan Bridge. He had been convicted on eighty-five charges of owning a firearm without a licence. 8-Ball helps Claude get work with the Leone Family and later to destroy a ship docked in Portland Harbour, which was being used by the Cartel as a SPANK factory.


Luigi Goterelli – Major Character:

Luigi Goterelli is voiced by Joe Pantoliano. He’s a businessman who owns Luigi’s Sex Club 7, a bar in the Red Light District, in Portland Island. He is a high ranked member of the Leone Family and a friend of 8-Ball. Because of this, it allowed 8-Ball to get Claude work with Luigi. Luigi does some work on the site as a pimp for various prostitutes on Portland Island.



Joey Leone – Major Character:

Joey Leone, voiced by Michael Rapaport, is the son of Salvatore Leone and runs a garage in the Trenton district of Portland Island. Claude’s introduced to him when Luigi Goterelli has him drive Misty to his garage. Joey takes on Claude to do various jobs, including killing Mike Forelli and Lee Chong, and also introduces him to Toni Cipriani (the Protagonist in Liberty City Stories)



Toni Cipriani – Major Character:

Toni Cipriani, voiced by Michael Madsen and know as the Protagonist in Liberty City Stories, is a caporegime of the Leone Family and helps to run his mother’s restaurant located in the Saint Mark’s district of Portland Island. He is introduced to Claude by Joey Leone and has Claude attack the Triads, including the murder of three Triad war lords and the destruction of a Triad-owned factory. 


Salvatore Leone – Major Character:

Salvatore Leone, is voiced by Frank Vincent and is the Don of the Leone Family. He is also the father of Joey Leone, husband of Maria Latore and the owner of Salvatore’s Gentlemen’s Club in the Saint Mark’s district in Portland Island, which is also his home. He meets Claude when he calls a meeting and has him do a number of jobs, including killing Curly Bob and destroying a ship docked in Portland Harbour. Salvatore’s paranoia gets the better of him and he turns on Claude, setting him up to be killed. However Maria saves him and then join forces with Asuka Kasen and the Yakuza. Asuka has Claude kill Salvatore to get his revenge and to prove his links with the Leone Family are over.


Maria Latore – Major Character:


Maria Latore, voiced by Debi Mazar, is the wife of Salvatore Leone. He has Claude “look after her for the evening”, ending in Claude driving her to safety from pursuing LCPD officers. She later tells her husband that she is dating Claude, leading to Salvatore attempting to kill him. Maria and Claude escape and join forces with Asuka Kasen. She is later kidnapped by Catalina, however gets saved by Claude. 


Asuka Kasen – Major Character:

Asuka Kasen is voiced by Lianna Pai and is the co-leader of the Yakuza, with her brother Kenji. She helps Claude and Maria escape from Portland Island. She later employs Claude to do various jobs, including killing Salvatore Leone and Tanner. She introduces Claude to her brother, and corrupt LCPD officer and Yakuza informant, Ray Machowski. After her brother is killed, she has Claude, who had killed him in a Cartel Cruiser, attack the Cartel, gaining information from Miguel, who she tortures. Asuka and Miguel later die from being killed by Catalina. 



Kenji Kasen – Major Character:

Kenji Kasen, voiced by J.N Mau, is the co-leader of the Yakuza, with his sister Asuka. He is introduced to Claude by his sister and has him do various jobs, including busting Kanbu out of jail and taking him to a safehouse. Claude kills Kenji on orders from Donald Love, who runs over Kenji in a Cartel Cruiser in order to start a war between the Yakuza and Cartel.


Ray Machowski – Major Character:

Ray Machowski is voiced  by Robert Loggia and is a corrupt LCPD police officer and an informant to the Yakuza gang. He meets Claude by Asuka Kasen. Ray employs Claude to do different jobs, including the murder of his former partner Leon McAffrey, who was going to give evidence against Machowski. Ray also introduces Claude to Donald Love. He later has Claude help him flee the city, by driving to Francis International Airport, where he flies out to Vice City.


Donald Love – Major Character:

Donald Love, voiced by Kyle MacLachlan, is a businessman, media mogul and real estate developer. He owns Love Media, which owns “900 radio stations, 300 television stations, 4 networks, 3 satellites, (and) 10 senators”, which includes Flashback 95.6, Chatterbox FM, Head Radio and Double Clef FM. They also own the Liberty Tree newspaper and possibly the Bitchin’ Dog Food Factory. Donald Love lives in an apartment in south Bedford Point on Staunton Islandand and is introduced to Claude by Ray Machowski. Love has Claude to some jobs for him, including rescuing the Oriental Gentleman and allow Love to retrieve a package, with Claude acting as a decoy. He later disappears, leaving only an open box on his apartments roof. 



In Grand Theft Auto 3, there are 11 weapons which can be used. If you don’t have one equipped, you’ll be stuck with your fists, which isn’t the best thing to do for killing large amounts of armed gang members. Below are details of each of the 11 available weapons.

Fists (Fists):

Your fists aren’t the most powerful thing to fight people off, but remember one thing, you can get rid of a gun, you can’t get rid of these, they’re always available.


Baseball Bat (Melee)

Beating people up is much easier with a bat than your fists, and to top it off, it’s available at your hideout right at the start.


Pistol (Pistols)

This is the cop’s gun, all of them use it. It’s not very good though. If you collect 10 hidden packages you can get it at your hideout. 


Uzi (Sub-Machine Guns)

The Uzi is probably one of the best guns in the game. You can run with it as it’s rather light, it has a fast rate of fire, and is the only gun you can perform a drive-by with. If you collect 20 hidden packages, you can get it from your hideout.



Shotgun (Shotguns)

The shotgun is a powerful weapon, though what do you expect, the mafia use them to hunt you down with. You can get this from your hideout if you collect 40 hidden packages.


Molotov Cocktail (Projectiles)

The Molotov is a great weapon for clearing out a large quantity of people or cars. You may even be able to entertain yourself when watching people burn to death. These will be available at your hideout after collecting 60 hidden packages.


Grenades (Projectiles)

Just like the Molotov, the Grenade is the perfect explosive to clear out a large radius of people or vehicles, but don’t stand too close otherwise you might blow yourself up! These will be at your hideout after finding 30 hidden packages.


AK-47 (Assault Rifles)

The AK-47 is a great weapon because of its power, but it’s not the best as you can’t run with it whilst shooting. Collecting 70 hidden packages will unlock this at your hideout.


Sniper Rifle (Sniper Rifles)

The Sniper Rifle is fantastic if you want to pick people off at long distance. It can zoom in but does create a slight sway. Collecting 80 hidden packages will unlock this at your hideout.


M16 (Assault Rifles)

This weapons has an extremely fast rate of fire so you can easily kill a lot of people. It can be unlocked at your hideout if you collect 90 hidden packages.


Flamethrower (Heavy)

This weapon is bad for long-to-medium distance. Short distance is great as it’s useful for setting people or vehicles on fire. You can get this at your hideout by extinguishing 20 fires on each island.



Rocket Launcher (Heavy)

The biggest and most powerful weapon in the game. To get this, collect all 100 hidden packages in the game.



Portland Missions:


  • Introduction: Cutscenes depicting Catalina’s betrayal of Claude, the explosion which leaves Portland isolated from the rest of the city and Claude’s escape with 8-Ball.


  • Give Me Liberty: Go to Luigi’s club with 8-Ball.

Luigi Goterelli:

  • Luigi’s Girls: Bring Misty to Luigi’s club.
  • Don’t Spank Ma Bitch Up: Kill a drug dealer and steal his car.
  • Drive Misty For Me: Drive Misty to Joey’s garage.
  • Pump-Action Pimp: Kill two pimps.
  • The Fuzz Ball: Bring as many prostitutes as possible to the Old School Hall.

Joey Leone:

  • Mike Lips Last Lunch: Arm Mike Forelli’s car with a bomb and blow him up.
  • Farewell ‘Chunky’ Lee Chong: Kill Lee Chong.
  • Van Heist: Steal a Securicar and bring it to a garage in Portland Harbor.
  • Cipriani’s Chauffeur: Drive Toni Cipriani to the Laundry and to his home.
  • Dead Skunk in the Trunk: Bring a car to the car crusher.
  • The Getaway: Drive three mafia members for a bank job.

Toni Cipriani:

  • Taking Out The Laundry: Destroy three Laundry cars.
  • The Pick-Up: Pick up a briefcase and take it to the Cipriani Restaurant.
  • Salvatore’s Called A Meeting: Bring Joey, Luigi and Toni to Salvatore Leone’s mansion.
  • Triads and Tribulations: Kill three triad warlords.
  • Blow Fish: Blow up the Triad’s fish factory.

Salvatore Leone:

  • Chaperone: Drive Maria to a party in Atlantic Quays.
  • Cutting The Grass: Follow and kill Curly Bob.
  • Bomb Da Base: Act I: Go and talk to 8-Ball to purchase the Sniper Rifle.


  • Bomb Da Base: Act II: Help 8-Ball to blow up the Cartel Ship.

Salvatore Leone:

  • Last Requests: Escape from Portland with Maria.

Staunton Island Missions:

Asuka Kasen:

  • Sayonara Salvatore: Kill Salvatore Leone.
  • Under Surveillance: Kill the mafia spies on Staunton Island.
  • Paparazzi Purge: Kill a paparazzi.
  • Payday For Ray: Bring Ray’s money to himself.
  • Two-Faced Tanner: Kill Tanner.

Kenji Kasen:

  • Kanbu Bust-out: Break a high ranked Yakuza member out of jail.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Bring three sport cars to a garage in six minutes.
  • Deal Steal: Ambush a deal between the Cartel and the Yardies.
  • Shima: Collect the briefcases of protection money.
  • Smack Down: Kill as many yardie dealers as possible.

Ray Machowski:

  • Silence The Sneak: Kill Leon McAffrey.
  • Arms Shortage: Defend Phil Cassidy from the Colombian Cartel.
  • Evidence Dash: Pick up six images and torch the car that the pictures are in.
  • Gone Fishing: Kill Ray’s partner.
  • Plaster Blaster: Leon McAffrey is still alive, and you have to kill him.
  • Marked Man: Take Ray to the airport and then go to his lock-up.

Donald Love:

  • Liberator: Rescue an oriental gentleman from the colombians.
  • Waka-Gashira Wipeout: Kill Kenji Kasen in a Colombian car. Note that by completing this mission, Kenji will be dead thus any mission from Kenji that has not yet been completed will be cancelled, and 100% completion will not be completed.
  • A Drop In The Ocean: Pick up six packages thrown in the ocean from a plane.
  • Grand Theft Aero: Find the real packages and bring them to Donald Love.
  • Escort Service: Defend a Securicar in it’s way from the Colombian Cartel.
  • Decoy: Get inside a Securicar and act as a decoy around for two minutes.
  • Love’s Disappearance: You can’t find Donald Love so you decide to leave the Love Media building.

Asuka Kasen:

  • Bait: Lead three Colombian death squads into a trap.
  • Espresso-2-Go!: Destroy nine espresso stands.
  • S.A.M.: Blow up a Dodo with a rocket launcher and bring the SPANK packages to Asuka.


  • Ransom: Asuka and Miguel are killed, Maria is kidnapped by Catalina and you find a letter left by her.

Shoreside Vale Missions (Finale):


  • The Exchange: Rescue Maria and kill Catalina.



The radio stations in Grand Theft Auto III are a massive jump over the radio stations in Grand Theft Auto 2. Just like with GTA 2, radio stations can only be heard when in a vehicle. Majority of the stations play a mixture of music, DJ chat, and spoof advertising. GTA III has a variety of music genres and introduces a talk show radio. In law enforcement vehicles radio stations are disabled, however you can hear police chatter in the background instead. 

The player can listen to the following radio stations: 

  • Head Radio – Pop Rock, Adult Contemporary
  • Double Clef FM – Classical
  • K-Jah – Reggae, Dub
  • Rise FM – Trance, Rave, Dance
  • Lips 106 – Pop
  • Game FM – Hip Hop/Rap, Gangsta Rap, Underground Hip-Hop
  • MSX FM – Drum ‘n’ Bass, Jungle
  • Flashback 95.6 – 80’s Music
  • Chatterbox FM – Talk Radio
  • MP3 Player (PC only) – User-Defined Track Player
  • CD Changer (Xbox only) – Plays Songs Ripped From CD’s Stored On Hard Disk



Grand Theft Auto III was Rockstar Games’ first open-world game based in the 3 Dimensional world, developed by DMA Studios (now known as Rockstar North). The game released on October 21st 2001 for Playstation 2, 20th May 2002 for the Microsoft Windows PC, and on October 31st 2003 for the Xbox Original Console. Grand Theft Auto III is played from a third-person perspective in its open-world environment allowing players to interact with the game world.



Throughout the development of Grand Theft Auto III, just like another games developed then and even now, there is always content cuts. It’s just simply game development for you. Something is made, then something else is made, and then it’s seen that maybe those things don’t piece together so well, so, they get removed either completely, or replaced with something new.

Some of these things could be texture changes (changing colours), adding or removing buildings, vehicles or weapons, or even completely removing characters and missions. 

Below are just some of the cuts made in GTA III.


  • Claude’s appearance went through many different designs as with any game character does. Some screenshots show a poorly detailed Claude, who looks completely different from the final version. 
  • Curtly was removed from the final version.
  • Darkel, a revolutionary domestic terrorist, was cut.
  • Tom Novy was meant to make an appearance in the game as himself, but was removed along with his song, “Back to the Streets” for unknown reasons.
  • 8-Ball’s concept name was Mullan.
  • The beta version of Luigi Goterelli had a completely different appearance.
  • Joey Leone’s concept surname was Sorvino.
  • Salvatore’s concept name was Frankie Sorvino.
  • Asuka Kasen’s original name was Kemuri.
  • Maria Latore originally wore a leopard print crop top and black miniskirt with hoop earrings with jewellery.
  • Toni Cipriani originally wore a brown sweater.
  • Catalina originally wore a skirt and leggings.
  • There was a character called Butler but he never made the final cut, no one knows what his purpose was but many believe he was Salvatore Leone’s butler.
  • Misty originally wore a black miniskirt, red bra and a white jacket with gold high heels.


  • Certain pedestrian skins were removed. These are available via the Ped Cheat
  • Elderly pedestrians with walkers were removed.
  • Children were planned for the game.
  • Originally the Triads had black outfits and tattoos.


  • Some, but not all, of Darkel’s missions were subsequently given to other characters.
  • Originally, when doing Vigilante, Paramedic, or Firefighter missions, the vehicles radio could go out of range – requiring the player to drive closer to the nearest police station/hospital/fire station.
  • A high amount of rumours claim that there were many missions removed, including a mission that involves the player to kill busloads of school children (which were removed) and flying a Dodo into a building (Removed due to 9/11). These have never been claimed in any previews of GTA III and was definitively debunked by Rockstar.
  • In GTA III’s second official trailer, a cutscene shows Claude entering Salvatore’s club only to be met by Yakuza gang members. This could be simply a marketing ploy.


  • The Old School Hall changed appearance. It previously looked newer and lit up.
  • Punk Noodles was originally just with a small grass park with two statues.
  • The Callahan Bridge might have been named West Port Bridge, as referenced by a road sign in Portland.
  • In a concept drawing of the city, the airport was once in Staunton Island and there are many roads in Shoreside Vale. The Callahan Bridge was also absent.
  • The subway and El Train stations were explicitly named.



The 10th Anniversary Edition of GTA 3 is a redefined version of the 2001 origional. Featuring enhanced graphics and gameplay mechanics, it brings a whole new feel to the gritty Liberty City we played on our PS2. Rockstar  announced it in October 2011, the month of its anniversary. Is available on Apple devices, Windows Phones and other mobile platforms. The full list can be seen below along with the official trailer:


Apple iOS Devices: iPad 1 & 2, iPhone 4 & 4S, iPod touch 4th Generation 

Android Phones: HTC Rezound, LG Optimus 2x, Motorola Atrix 4G, Motorola Droid X2, Motorola Photon 4G, Samsung Galaxy R, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, T-Mobile G2x 

Android Tablets: Acer Iconia, Asus Eee Pad Transformer, Dell Streak 7, LG Optimus Pad, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1, Sony Tablet S, Toshiba Thrive

Not only that, but a Limited Edition Claude action figure was produced at $149.99 with only 1,500 pieces being made.