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Throughout the development of Grand Theft Auto III, just like another games developed then and even now, there is always content cuts. It’s just simply game development for you. Something is made, then something else is made, and then it’s seen that maybe those things don’t piece together so well, so, they get removed either completely, or replaced with something new.

Some of these things could be texture changes (changing colours), adding or removing buildings, vehicles or weapons, or even completely removing characters and missions. 

Below are just some of the cuts made in GTA III.



  • Claude’s appearance went through many different designs as with any game character does. Some screenshots show a poorly detailed Claude, who looks completely different from the final version. 
  • Curtly was removed from the final version.
  • Darkel, a revolutionary domestic terrorist, was cut.
  • Tom Novy was meant to make an appearance in the game as himself, but was removed along with his song, “Back to the Streets” for unknown reasons.
  • 8-Ball’s concept name was Mullan.
  • The beta version of Luigi Goterelli had a completely different appearance.
  • Joey Leone’s concept surname was Sorvino.
  • Salvatore’s concept name was Frankie Sorvino.
  • Asuka Kasen’s original name was Kemuri.
  • Maria Latore originally wore a leopard print crop top and black miniskirt with hoop earrings with jewellery.
  • Toni Cipriani originally wore a brown sweater.
  • Catalina originally wore a skirt and leggings.
  • There was a character called Butler but he never made the final cut, no one knows what his purpose was but many believe he was Salvatore Leone’s butler.
  • Misty originally wore a black miniskirt, red bra and a white jacket with gold high heels.



  • Certain pedestrian skins were removed. These are available via the Ped Cheat
  • Elderly pedestrians with walkers were removed.
  • Children were planned for the game.
  • Originally the Triads had black outfits and tattoos.



  • Some, but not all, of Darkel’s missions were subsequently given to other characters.
  • Originally, when doing Vigilante, Paramedic, or Firefighter missions, the vehicles radio could go out of range – requiring the player to drive closer to the nearest police station/hospital/fire station.
  • A high amount of rumours claim that there were many missions removed, including a mission that involves the player to kill busloads of school children (which were removed) and flying a Dodo into a building (Removed due to 9/11). These have never been claimed in any previews of GTA III and was definitively debunked by Rockstar.
  • In GTA III’s second official trailer, a cutscene shows Claude entering Salvatore’s club only to be met by Yakuza gang members. This could be simply a marketing ploy.



  • The Old School Hall changed appearance. It previously looked newer and lit up.
  • Punk Noodles was originally just with a small grass park with two statues.
  • The Callahan Bridge might have been named West Port Bridge, as referenced by a road sign in Portland.
  • In a concept drawing of the city, the airport was once in Staunton Island and there are many roads in Shoreside Vale. The Callahan Bridge was also absent.
  • The subway and El Train stations were explicitly named.