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Portland Missions


  • Introduction: Cutscenes depicting Catalina’s betrayal of Claude, the explosion which leaves Portland isolated from the rest of the city and Claude’s escape with 8-Ball.


  • Give Me Liberty: Go to Luigi’s club with 8-Ball.

Luigi Goterelli:

  • Luigi’s Girls: Bring Misty to Luigi’s club.
  • Don’t Spank Ma Bitch Up: Kill a drug dealer and steal his car.
  • Drive Misty For Me: Drive Misty to Joey’s garage.
  • Pump-Action Pimp: Kill two pimps.
  • The Fuzz Ball: Bring as many prostitutes as possible to the Old School Hall.

Joey Leone:

  • Mike Lips Last Lunch: Arm Mike Forelli’s car with a bomb and blow him up.
  • Farewell ‘Chunky’ Lee Chong: Kill Lee Chong.
  • Van Heist: Steal a Securicar and bring it to a garage in Portland Harbor.
  • Cipriani’s Chauffeur: Drive Toni Cipriani to the Laundry and to his home.
  • Dead Skunk in the Trunk: Bring a car to the car crusher.
  • The Getaway: Drive three mafia members for a bank job.

Toni Cipriani:

  • Taking Out The Laundry: Destroy three Laundry cars.
  • The Pick-Up: Pick up a briefcase and take it to the Cipriani Restaurant.
  • Salvatore’s Called A Meeting: Bring Joey, Luigi and Toni to Salvatore Leone’s mansion.
  • Triads and Tribulations: Kill three triad warlords.
  • Blow Fish: Blow up the Triad’s fish factory.

Salvatore Leone:

  • Chaperone: Drive Maria to a party in Atlantic Quays.
  • Cutting The Grass: Follow and kill Curly Bob.
  • Bomb Da Base: Act I: Go and talk to 8-Ball to purchase the Sniper Rifle.


  • Bomb Da Base: Act II: Help 8-Ball to blow up the Cartel Ship.

Salvatore Leone:

  • Last Requests: Escape from Portland with Maria.


Staunton Island Missions

Asuka Kasen:

  • Sayonara Salvatore: Kill Salvatore Leone.
  • Under Surveillance: Kill the mafia spies on Staunton Island.
  • Paparazzi Purge: Kill a paparazzi.
  • Payday For Ray: Bring Ray’s money to himself.
  • Two-Faced Tanner: Kill Tanner.

Kenji Kasen:

  • Kanbu Bust-out: Break a high ranked Yakuza member out of jail.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Bring three sport cars to a garage in six minutes.
  • Deal Steal: Ambush a deal between the Cartel and the Yardies.
  • Shima: Collect the briefcases of protection money.
  • Smack Down: Kill as many yardie dealers as possible.

Ray Machowski:

  • Silence The Sneak: Kill Leon McAffrey.
  • Arms Shortage: Defend Phil Cassidy from the Colombian Cartel.
  • Evidence Dash: Pick up six images and torch the car that the pictures are in.
  • Gone Fishing: Kill Ray’s partner.
  • Plaster Blaster: Leon McAffrey is still alive, and you have to kill him.
  • Marked Man: Take Ray to the airport and then go to his lock-up.

Donald Love:

  • Liberator: Rescue an oriental gentleman from the colombians.
  • Waka-Gashira Wipeout: Kill Kenji Kasen in a Colombian car. Note that by completing this mission, Kenji will be dead thus any mission from Kenji that has not yet been completed will be cancelled, and 100% completion will not be completed.
  • A Drop In The Ocean: Pick up six packages thrown in the ocean from a plane.
  • Grand Theft Aero: Find the real packages and bring them to Donald Love.
  • Escort Service: Defend a Securicar in it’s way from the Colombian Cartel.
  • Decoy: Get inside a Securicar and act as a decoy around for two minutes.
  • Love’s Disappearance: You can’t find Donald Love so you decide to leave the Love Media building.

Asuka Kasen:

  • Bait: Lead three Colombian death squads into a trap.
  • Espresso-2-Go!: Destroy nine espresso stands.
  • S.A.M.: Blow up a Dodo with a rocket launcher and bring the SPANK packages to Asuka.


  • Ransom: Asuka and Miguel are killed, Maria is kidnapped by Catalina and you find a letter left by her.


Shoreside Vale Missions (Finale)


  • The Exchange: Rescue Maria and kill Catalina.