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In Grand Theft Auto 3, there are 11 weapons which can be used. If you don’t have one equipped, you’ll be stuck with your fists, which isn’t the best thing to do for killing large amounts of armed gang members. Below are details of each of the 11 available weapons.

Fists (Fists)

Your fists aren’t the most powerful thing to fight people off, but remember one thing, you can get rid of a gun, you can’t get rid of these, they’re always available.


Baseball Bat (Melee)

Beating people up is much easier with a bat than your fists, and to top it off, it’s available at your hideout right at the start.


Pistol (Pistols)

This is the cop’s gun, all of them use it. It’s not very good though. If you collect 10 hidden packages you can get it at your hideout. 


Uzi (Sub-Machine Guns)

The Uzi is probably one of the best guns in the game. You can run with it as it’s rather light, it has a fast rate of fire, and is the only gun you can perform a drive-by with. If you collect 20 hidden packages, you can get it from your hideout.


Shotgun (Shotguns)

The shotgun is a powerful weapon, though what do you expect, the mafia use them to hunt you down with. You can get this from your hideout if you collect 40 hidden packages.


Molotov Cocktail (Projectiles)

The Molotov is a great weapon for clearing out a large quantity of people or cars. You may even be able to entertain yourself when watching people burn to death. These will be available at your hideout after collecting 60 hidden packages.


Grenades (Projectiles)

Just like the Molotov, the Grenade is the perfect explosive to clear out a large radius of people or vehicles, but don’t stand too close otherwise you might blow yourself up! These will be at your hideout after finding 30 hidden packages.


AK-47 (Assault Rifles)

The AK-47 is a great weapon because of its power, but it’s not the best as you can’t run with it whilst shooting. Collecting 70 hidden packages will unlock this at your hideout.


Sniper Rifle (Sniper Rifles)

The Sniper Rifle is fantastic if you want to pick people off at long distance. It can zoom in but does create a slight sway. Collecting 80 hidden packages will unlock this at your hideout.


M16 (Assault Rifles)

This weapons has an extremely fast rate of fire so you can easily kill a lot of people. It can be unlocked at your hideout if you collect 90 hidden packages.


Flamethrower (Heavy)

This weapon is bad for long-to-medium distance. Short distance is great as it’s useful for setting people or vehicles on fire. You can get this at your hideout by extinguishing 20 fires on each island.


Rocket Launcher (Heavy)

The biggest and most powerful weapon in the game. To get this, collect all 100 hidden packages in the game.