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What does the American Dream mean today? 

For Niko Bellic, fresh off the boat from Europe, it is the hope he can escape his past. For his cousin, Roman, it is the vision that together they can find fortune in Liberty City, gateway to the land of opportunity. 

As they slip into debt and are dragged into a criminal underworld by a series of shysters, thieves and sociopaths, they discover that the reality is very different from the dream in a city that worships money and status, and is heaven for those who have them and a living nightmare for those who don’t.



Grand Theft Auto IV takes place in 2008, in a redesigned version of GTA 3’s Liberty City consisting of four districts, based on four of the districts of New York City: Broker (Brooklyn), Dukes (Queens), Bohan (The Bronx), and Algonquin (Manhattan). West to the city is the independent state of Alderney (Northern New Jersey). There are three minor islands present in the game: Charge Island (Randall’s Island), Colony Island (Roosevelt Island), and Happiness Island (Liberty Island). In the game, bridges are locked down due to a terrorist threat, and players are constantly pursued by police if the bridges are crossed, but the blockades are lifted as the story progresses, allowing the player to travel between the islands.

Grand Theft Auto IV is the first HD (High Definition) game in the GTA Series, resulting in it being in a completely different world to the PS2 GTA games. Previous characters from the SD (Standard Definition) PS2 games such as; Claude, CJ, Tommy and Rosenburg do not make any appearances as they initially don’t exist in the HD world, however throughout GTAIV there are little easter eggs about some of the previous characters.



In 2008, Niko Bellic, an Eastern European, arrives at the docks to meet his cousin Roman. Niko comes to Liberty City to pursue the American Dream, and to search for the man who betrayed his unit in a war fifteen years ago. After his arrival, however, Niko quickly learns that Roman’s tales of riches and luxury were lies concealing struggles with gambling debts and loansharks, and that Roman lives in a dirty apartment in Hove Beach rather than a mansion.

Niko defends Roman from his loansharks several times, and ends up killing Vlad Glebov, Roman’s Russian loanshark. Niko was forced to work for Vlad due to Roman’s debts but Niko killed him because he found out that Vlad slept with Roman’s girlfriend, Mallory. After Vlad’s murder, Niko and Roman are kidnapped by members of the Liberty City Bratva on order of Mikhail Faustin and his associate, Dimitri Rascalov. Faustin, not bothered by the murder of Vlad, hires Niko, who quickly learns that Faustin is a psychopath when he orders him to kill the son of Kenny Petrović, the most powerful man in the Liberty City Bratva. Dimitri then orders Niko to assassinate Faustin, and when Niko meets with Dimitri to collect on the assassination, Dimitri betrays him. When Niko meets Dimitri in an abandoned warehouse at the Docks, Dimitri brings his friend Bulgarin who claims that Niko stole from him. Niko denies the allegation saying that a cargo ship that he was transporting for Bulgarin sank and that he nearly drowned while swimming to shore.

Straight afterwards, Niko and Roman are forced to escape to Bohan when Roman’s apartment and taxi company are destroyed in arson attacks by Dimitri’s men. Unfortunately things go poorly in Bohan: one of the drug deals that Niko works on turns out to be a sting and another is busted. After the latter incident, Niko’s current girlfriend Michelle then reveals that she works for a government agency and entraps Niko into working for her agency, known only by its cover: ULC (United Liberty Paper). Niko kills several suspected terrorists for the agency in exchange for the file of the numerous crimes the police have on him and the promise of assistance in finding the traitor of his unit.

With the assistance of United Liberty Paper, Niko eventually tracks down the man responsible for his unit’s betrayal: Darko Brevic; Niko chooses Darko’s fate. In the story you’re given the option to kill him or leave him. It’s entirely up to the player and results in a different conversation between Niko and Roman on their return home. Having dealt with his past, Niko is summoned by Jimmy Pegorino, who demands one final favour after many favours: to help with an extremely lucrative deal on heroin in collusion with Dimitri Rascalov.

Niko is then faced with a choice: strike a deal with Dimitri, or extract revenge on him. This again is another choice for the player, Deal or Revenge. Choosing either of these have a massive impact on how the story concludes. However, should Niko go through with the deal, he soon finds out that Dimitri took the heroin for himself, which endangers and angers Niko. At Roman’s wedding, an assassin sent by Dimitri kills Roman with a stray bullet as Niko disarms and kills him. A devastated and vengeful Niko later tracks down Dimitri and Pegorino, witnesses the former kill the latter, before chasing and killing Dimitri. On the other hand, should Niko choose to exact revenge, Niko ambushes and executes Dimitri. At Roman’s wedding, Pegorino, furious after Niko’s betrayal, commits a drive-by shooting. He targets Niko, but ends up killing Niko’s girlfriend Kate. Niko soon tracks down, chases, and kills Pegorino on Happiness Island, who had become hated and targeted by the entire underworld of Liberty City.



Niko Bellic – Protagonist:

Niko Bellic, voiced by Michael Hollic, is the protagonist Grand Theft Auto IV. Niko is of Serbian descent, and previously fought in the Yugoslav Wars, however it is unclear for which side. He is brought to Liberty City by promises of living the American Dream from his cousin Roman Bellic, but when his plans go south, he turns to the seedy underworld of Liberty City to build his way to the top. Niko is a serious, calm, self-reflective character and possesses a deeper intellect and stronger moral guidance than perhaps any other GTA protagonist. As he fought in the war, he has been trained extensively in weapon use and hand-to-hand fighting skills. He often argues with his cousin Roman because he always gets into trouble which Niko has to save him from, and because Niko’s violent actions often send underworld figures to Roman’s way.

Dimitri Rascalov – Antagonist:

Dimitri, who is voiced by Moti Margolin, is introduced as Mikhail Faustin’s friend and associate. He causes trouble in Niko’s life and in later sequences, he is purported to be heading to the rise of Russian immigrant organized crime in Liberty City. At the end of the story, he’s killed by Niko Bellic. 

Roman Bellic – Major Character:

Roman Bellic, voiced by Jason Zumwalt, is Niko’s cousin who has lived in Liberty City for 10 years. He claims to be living the “American Dream” and that he has two women, four hot tubs and fifteen sports cars, but really he owns a gritty taxi firm and lives in a small apartment in Hove Beach. Roman is also in some extreme debt thanks to his gambling addiction. When Niko arrives, everything seems to go down south altogether, but they work their way up. Roman is often harassed and intimidated by the various criminal figured he owes money to.

Little Jacob – Major Character:

Little Jacob is a Jamaican arms/drug dealer who is voiced by Coolie Ranx. He and Roman Bellic are good friends, and Niko Bellic purchases weaponry from him when he gets a good friendship level with him. He offers several missions to Niko. He has a great Jamaican accent, and besides the shootouts with his enemies he is a peaceful character. 

Patrick McReary – Major Character:

Packie, voiced by Ryan Johnston, is the youngest of the McReary family and is with the Irish mob. He lives with his mother and sister in Meadows Park near the Monoglobe. He occasionally works for Elizabeta Torres, but has his own agenda after his brother’s return to Liberty City. Through him, Niko Bellic is introduced to some of the more popular missions in the game, such as Three Leaf Clover where you break into the Bank of Liberty.

Brucie Kibbutz – Major Character:

Brucie, voiced by Timothy Adams, is a super-strange character. He is a steroid-abusing fitness buff which is very proud of what he has achieved in wealth and body. In a “rage”, he offers missions for Niko Bellic that involve racing vehicles, killing people and even going on a gay date with someone called French Tom. He is fairly wealthy and makes appearances on the radio. He sends Niko many emails and is the main character involved in both the racing and car theft side quests. Brucie also makes an appearance in GTA V when he’s seen to be robbing a store.

Dwayne Forge – Major Character:

Dwayne Forge, voiced by Devin Richards, is an “old-school” gangster who’s been in prison since the early 90s for crack distribution, only to be released into a completely unfamiliar environment, with an emphasis on “show-boating” and “bling”. His life got extremely out of hand after he went to prison, and said he might even want to kill himself for it. He needs Niko’s help to rebuild his reputation. During the story, Dwayne’s so-called buddy, Playboy X, tells Niko that Dwayne needs to be ‘removed’. Niko has the choice to follow Playboy X’s orders and take out Dwayne, or help Dwayne and kill Playboy X. If you kill Dwayne, you get a load of money, if you kill Playboy X, you get his apartment, Claude’s GTA3-looking outfit and keep Dwayne as a friend. 

Kate McReary – Major Character:

Kate McReary, voiced by Mary Catherine Donnelly, constantly tries to influence the lives of her brothers positively, but fails. She is too shy to talk to Niko at first, however progression does happen as the story goes on. Packie first warns Niko away from her, but later encourages Niko to take her out. Niko and Kate become a couple however depending on the ending you choose, it may not be a very nice one.

Michelle / Karen – Major Character:

Michelle, or Karen, is voiced by Rebecca Henderson. She is introduced in the mission Three’s a Crowd at the start of the story. After completing this mission, Niko is told to purchase some clothes from the Russian clothing store, after which he can call her to set up a date. Mallorie encourages Niko to take her out. She then later on in the story confirms to Niko that she is actually working for the government and has set him up. She also makes an appearance in GTAV’s story in the mission Three’s Company. She is seen in the IAA building with a flash light.

Vladimir Glebov – Major Character:

Vlad, voiced by Misha Kuznetsov, is a Russian loan-shark and mobster who gets Roman into a lot of trouble. He claims to be very powerful in the underworld, but actually runs a low function. He runs the Hove Beach neighborhood in Broker with an iron fist. He offers Niko’s first real batch of missions working for money. He treats Niko like shit with disrespect, and refers to him by derogatory names such as “yokel” and “serf”. Vlad is employed by Mikhail Faustin. When Niko finds out that Vlad has been sleeping with Roman’s girlfriend, Niko chases after him and kills him.

Mikhail Faustin – Major Character:

Mikhail Faustin, voiced by Karel Roden, is the Russian Syndicate Leader. He is brought into the story after the mission Uncle Vlad. Mikhail happens to be a heavy user of cocaine, and has a very short temper, as we see in a few cutscenes. According to his wife, this used to be different before he got to drugs. He owns the Perestroika cabaret club in Broker where he is killed by Niko. 

Elizabeta Torrez – Major Character: 

Elizabeta Torrez, voiced by Charlie Parker, is a powerful drug dealer from Bohan. Her addictions eventually cause her to overreact and lash out at those around her, a we see at the start of The Snow Storm when she gets mad with Jacob, and even when she kills Manny. 

Playboy X – Major Character:

Playboy X is an associate of Elizabeta Torres. He’s voiced by Postell Pringle and is also friends with Dwayne Forge, who is serving a term in prison for drug trafficking. He constantly goes on about how he wants to support the community and use the money he gains from drug sales to fund schools and community centers “once he gets rich,” though it is obvious by the apartment that he lives in that he is fairly wealthy already. Playboy X gets killed by Niko if that is the chosen choice. (See ‘Dwayne Forge’ for more info about that decision).

United Liberty Paper – Major Character:

United Liberty Paper, voiced by Milton James, is the alias of a shady government worker whose true name is anonymous. He blackmails Niko into doing several dangerous jobs, trying to play the different criminal organizations off of each other. He says that he is not a “good guy,” and that he only works for the “good guys.”

Francis McReary – Major Character:

Francis McReary is voiced by Thomas Lyons. He is a corrupt cop who is aware of felonies made by Niko Bellic. His missions usually involve a contract killing on a person who knows or has incriminating evidence against him. Even though he is one of the McReary siblings, his brothers have a strong dislike on him.

Derrick Mcreary – Major Character:

After just getting back from Ireland, the oldest of the McReary brothers seems to have a background with the Irish Republican Army. Derrick, voiced by George Feaster, possesses a good knowledge of weapons and explosives, which is rivalled only by his knowledge of narcotics. 

Gerald McReary – Major Character:

Gerry McReary, voiced by PJ Sosko, is a clever, yet dangerous guy who uses his information to prevent Francis from moving in on his other siblings. He is the head of the Irish mob based in Dukes.

Ray Boccino – Major Character:

Joe Barbara is the man behind Ray’s voice. Ray Boccino is a tall, well-dressed, Italian man. He may be ambitious however isn’t very likable; Niko describes him as “slimy” even to the other criminals. They meet him through the McReary family. He is one of the three major players in the Pegorino family, an Italian crime family based in Alderney.

Phil Bell – Major Character:

Phil Bell, voiced by Frank Bonsangue, is a half-Irish, half-Italian front operator for the Pegorino family. The character bears a resemblance to Tony Soprano. He is one of the three major players in the Pegorino family, and the most likable of them. 

Bernie Crane – Major Character:

Bernie Crane, voiced by Tomothy J. Alex, is an old friend of Niko Bellic and Roman’s, though they knew him as Florian Cravic. He is one of the men which Niko comes to Liberty City to find. He finds out through Ray Boccino where he is located and he breaks into the apartment with Roman to find out that he has reinvented himself as Bernie Crane, an openly gay man in a secret relationship with Deputy Mayor Bryce Dawkins. 

Jimmy Pegorino – Major Character:

Jimmy Pegorino is voiced by Tony Patellis. He is the head of the Pegorino crime family. Near the end of the story, he becomes concerned about his family’s decline and wants it to remain even with the Liberty City families. He is ruthless and intelligent, but watching his family dynasty crumble before him has made him erratic and dangerous.



In GTA IV there are 15 weapons for players to use in the game. These include: 2 Melee, 2 Pistols, 2 Shotguns, 2 SMG, 2 Assault Riles, 2 Sniper Rifles, 2 Projectiles and 1 Heavy. These weapons are listed below with a small description.


Baseball Bat:

The Baseball Bat is your standard Melee weapon in GTA. It requires hands and a good swing. It can crunch people’s brains and knock them out easily. Remember, it doesn’t fire bullets.



Again, another standard weapon which is in GTA. The Knife is a blade which goes straight through your enemy. Stab them until your heart is content, or until theirs stops beating…



The Pistol was developed in the ’80s by Austrian engineer, Gaston Glock. It went on to become the world’s most popular civilian and law enforcement sidearm. Thanks to its polymer frame and simple, internal striker-fired mechanism, the Glock is both lightweight and extremely durable.

Combat Pistol:

In 1979, Magnum Research Inc. set out to create the first gas-operated, magnum-caliber pistol. It’s just like the Standard Pistol, however has slightly better accuracy and an increased power.


Pump Shotgun:

Based roughly on the classic Remington model 870, the Winchester 1300 line is also known as the “Speed Pump” series thanks to the short, fast cycling of the action. The only downside is, the power isn’t too great which means a reduction in damage.

Combat Shotgun:

This seems to be based on the Baretta 1201 FP, but with the barrel of a military Remington 870. It’s probably the better shotgun out of the two, due to the fact its damage is better and it has a slightly quicker rate of fire.

Sub-Machine Guns:


The SMG is based off of the MP5. It’s typically used by the SWAT Police and sometimes in the Navy Seals. It has some great accuracy and some insane damage. A great weapon for quickly picking people off.


The Micro-SMG is yes, you guessed it, a smaller version of the Standard SMG. Which means majority of its specs are lower too. Not my favourite gun, but it gets the job done I suppose.

Assault Rifles:


The AK-47 is one of the world’s most common assault rifles normally used by the Taliban and gang members. Its got a great rate of fire however not as good accuracy as its competing rifle.

Carbine Rifle:

The Carbine Rifle is typically used in the army. It’s a great assault rifle, one of my favourite weapons in the whole GTA Series. great for long distance and picking people off.



Grab a glass bottle, pour in some petrol, whack in a rag in the top, light the rag and toss it. Watch the flames burn with your enemies burning with em’!


Pull the pin, toss it and BOOM. That’s all. Just don’t stand ontop of it.



The RPG, need I say more? It makes a huge explosion and delivers a LOT of fun!

Sniper Rifles:

Sniper Rifle:

The M40A1 started its life as a Remington 700, and was then customized by the US Marine Corps to fit their sniping needs. It is great for shooting people at long distances.

Combat Sniper:

About the same as the Standard Sniper, however it has better accuracy.



Roman Bellic:

  • The Cousins Bellic – Drive Roman to his apartment.
  • It’s Your Call – Drive Roman to a hardware store and get away from the Loan sharks.
  • Three’s a Crowd – Pick up Mallorie and Michelle from the subway station, drive them to Michelle’s place, and go buy new clothes.


  • First Date – Take Michelle bowling.

Roman Bellic:

  • Bleed Out – Save Roman from the loan sharks and kill Bledar, Kalem and Dardan.
  • Easy Fare – Drive Jermaine to the lockup and lose the cops.
  • Jamaican Heat – Pick up Little Jacob, watch over a meeting and kill the gang members.

Little Jacob:

  • Concrete Jungle – Drive Jacob to a drug deal and kill the dealers who set him up.

Vladimir Glebov:

  • Bull in a China Shop – Smash a shop window and retrieve Vlad’s money, then take it back to Vlad.
  • Hung Out to Dry – Chase the laundromat owner by a car and retrieve what he owes to Vlad.
  • Clean Getaway – Travel by a train to steal a car that belongs to Vlad.
  • Ivan The Not So Terrible – Chase Ivan Bytchkov, then kill or spare him.

Roman Bellic:

  • Uncle Vlad – Kill Vladimir Glebov.
  • Crime and Punishment – Meet Mikhail Faustin, steal a cop car, and then steal a van full of TV’s.

Mikhail Faustin:

  • Do You Have Protection? – Threaten Joseph Kaplan at a sex shop, reclaim the money and go to the gun store to receive a gun.
  • Final Destination – Kill Lenny Petrovic.
  • No Love Lost – Kill Jason Michaels and his biker friends.

Roman Bellic:

  • Logging On – Meet Brucie Kibbutz, then log in to the internet café computer.

Little Jacob:

  • Shadow – Follow or chase a dealer to his apartment, then kill him and his backup.

Mikhail Faustin:

  • Rigged to Blow – Steal a truck full of explosives, take it to Kenny Petrovic’s garage, then detonate the truck.

Dimitri Rascalov:

  • The Master and the Molotov – Kill Mikhail Faustin.
  • Russian Revolution – Escape Dimitri and Bulgarin’s ambush and lose the cops.

Roman Bellic:

  • Roman’s Sorrow – Witness the destruction of Roman’s apartment and garage business and move to Bohan.

Brucie Kibbutz:

  • Search and Delete – Find a cop car, access the computer database, then find and kill Lyle Rivas.
  • Easy as Can Be – Steal Lyle’s Oracle, escape from the gangsters protecting it, and drive it to Brucie’s lockup.
  • Out of the Closet – Use the Internet, set up a date with Tom Rivas, then kill him at the meeting.
  • No. 1 – Win a street race with a Comet.

Manny Escuela:

  • Escuela of the Streets – Follow the gang member to a warehouse, then kill him and his associates.
  • Street Sweeper – Kill the gang members at the garage.

Elizabeta Torres:

  • Luck of the Irish – Go to a rooftop and watch over Packie McReary’s meeting using a sniper rifle.
  • Blow Your Cover – Go to the drug deal, then escape the LCPD ambush with Playboy X.

Manny Escuela:

  • The Puerto Rican Connection – Follow the train, then kill the guys who get off.

Elizabeta Torres:

  • The Snow Storm – Steal back some coke from the abandoned hospital, lose the cops, and meet Little Jacob.
  • Have a Heart – Take the bodies of Manny Escuela and Jay Hamilton to The Doctor.

Patrick McReary:

  • Harboring a Grudge – Steal the truck from the Triads and drive it to Ray Boccino’s lockup.
  • Waste Not Want Knots – Steal the money from the Ancelotti Family.
  • Three Leaf Clover – Rob the Bank of Liberty and escape through the subway.

Gerald McReary:

  • Actions Speak Louder than Words – Kill Anthony Spoleto by attaching a Car Bomb to his car, then blowing it up at a meet.
  • I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle – Kill Frank Garone on a motorbike.

Mallorie Bardas:

  • Hostile Negotiation – Rescue Roman Bellic from the kidnappers.

Francis McReary:

  • Call and Collect – Kill the blackmailer and take the pictures to Francis.
  • Final Interview – Setup a job interview to meet Tom Goldberg, kill him and take his files back to Francis.
  • Holland Nights – Kill or spare Clarence Little.
  • Lure – Kill Clarence’s chief lieutenant.

Playboy X:

  • Deconstruction for Beginners – Meet Dwayne Forge, go to the construction site, and kill the union officials.
  • Photo Shoot – Use your new phone to take a picture of Marlon Bridges so he can be identified and killed.

Dwayne Forge:

  • Ruff Rider – Kill Jayvon Simson, and kill or spare Cherise Glover.
  • Undress to Kill – Take back The Triangle Club for Dwayne by killing the Trunchez Brothers.

Playboy X:

  • The Holland Play – Kill Playboy X or Dwayne Forge.

United Liberty Paper:

  • Wrong is Right – Go to Oleg Minkov’s apartment, then kill him at the meet.
  • Portrait of a Killer – Kill Adam Dimayev.
  • Dust Off – Follow the Helicopter and steal it when it lands.
  • Paper Trail – Use the Helicopter to kill Eduard Borodin.

Ray Boccino:

  • A Long Way to Fall – Kill Teddy Benavidez.
  • Taking in the Trash – Pick up Ray’s Diamonds left by his ally, alongside Luca Silvestri and his crew.
  • Meltdown – Kill Luca and his crew to retrieve the Diamonds, then take them back to Ray.
  • Museum Piece – Go to The Libertonian with Johnny Klebitz, then escape the ambush.
  • No Way on the Subway – Kill Jim Fitzgerald and his accomplice.
  • Weekend at Florian’s – Follow Talbot Daniels’ directions and encounter Florian Cravic with Roman Bellic.
  • Late Checkout – Kill Isaac Roth and his bodyguards.

Derrick McReary:

  • Smackdown – Kill Bucky Sligo and his crew.
  • Babysitting – Watch over Kim Young-Guk and destroy the boats attacking him.
  • Tunnel of Death – Park a truck in Booth Tunnel, steal a prison van, kidnap Aiden O’Malley and kill him.

Francis McReary:

  • Blood Brothers – Kill Francis McReary or Derrick McReary.

Patrick McReary:

  • Undertaker – Attend Francis/Derrick’s funeral and transport their body to their graveyard while fighting off the attackers.

Gerald McReary:

  • I’ll Take Her – Kidnap Gracie Ancelotti
  • …I’ll Take Her – Take a picture Gracie with your phone and send it to Packie.
  • She’s a Keeper – Transport Gracie to another safehouse and defend her from the Ancelotti Family.
  • Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend – Meet two associates of the Ancelotti Family so you can trade Gracie for the Diamonds alongside Packie, then escape Ray Bulgarin’s ambush.

Bernie Crane:

  • Hating the Haters – Kill the homophobic man stalking Bernie Crane.
  • Union Drive – Meet Bernie’s blackmailers sent by Dimitri Rascalov and kill them.
  • Buoys Ahoy – Chase and kill Dimitri’s goons.

Phil Bell:

  • Truck Hustle – Steal a truck holding the Heroin from the Algonquin Triads and take it to Frankie Gallo’s garage.

Jimmy Pegorino:

  • Pegorino’s Pride – Watch over the meeting of Jimmy and Pavano goons, kill the mobsters and protect Pegorino.
  • Payback – Follow and kill the Pavano goons.

Jon Gravelli:

  • Entourage – Escort Bobby Jefferson to City Hall, and fight off his ambushers.
  • Dining Out – Kill Kim Young-Guk.
  • Liquidize the Assets – Destroy the Russian coke vans.

Phil Bell:

  • Catch the Wave – Steal the Russian’s coke boats.
  • Trespass – Kill Charles Matteo at the Sprunk Factory.
  • To Live and Die in Alderney – Go to Frankie Gallo, then escape from the Feds with the Heroin.

Jimmy Pegorino:

  • Flatline – Kill Anthony Corrado at the hospital.
  • Pest Control – Kill Ray Boccino.

United Liberty Paper:

  • That Special Someone – Confront Darko Brevic, then kill or spare him.

Jimmy Pegorino:

  • One Last Thing – Pegorino explains that he needs you to partake in a Heroin deal that is his last chance to get on The Commission; but since the deal involves your betraying old rival Dimitri Rascalov, Niko is left unable to decide. Now the player must decide to either exact Revenge or strike a Deal with Rascalov.

Deal Ending:

Jimmy Pegorino:

  • If the Price is Right – After betraying you again, Dimitri leaves you to steal the money alongside Phil Bell.

Roman Bellic:

  • Mr and Mrs Bellic – Attend Roman and Mallorie’s wedding, and witness a horrible plot event there.

Little Jacob:

  • A Revenger’s Tragedy – Chase and kill Dimitri Rascalov (who kills one last person before dying).

Revenge Ending:

Niko Bellic:

  • A Dish Served Cold – Blast through the Platypus; the same ship that brought you to Liberty City; and killDimitri Rascalov.

Roman Bellic:

  • Mr and Mrs Bellic – Attend Roman and Mallorie’s wedding with Kate McReary and see a horrible plot event there.

Little Jacob:

  • Out of Commission – Chase and kill Jimmy Pegorino.



  • The mission involving killing lawyer Tom Goldberg originally called Small Fish in Big Pond
  • Missions American Dad, Jacob’s Ladder, American Dream and I and High were cut.
  • In the Deconstruction for Beginners, instead of Niko killing union members, Niko was supposed to destroy some warehouses.
  • Originally, It’s Your Call was set at night.
  • The mission High-End Assassin was cut.


  • A mobster, Raymond Alberga, was deleted from the final version.
  • Little Jacob originally did not wear glasses.
  • Michelle had a different looking face.
  • Playboy X used to have a plain maroon hoodie.
  • United Liberty Paper had a different voice.
  • Real Badman didn’t wear a hat.
  • Niko Bellic’s hairstyle was slightly different. It can still be found in the game’s files and used in-game instead of Niko’s original hairstyle through texture swapping or mods.
  • Roman Bellic’s face and clothes were different.
  • Mikhail Faustin had grey hair and a different hair style.
  • Ilyena Faustin had different clothes, as seen in 2nd trailer.
  • Ray Bulgarin’s face was paler, and was less detailed.
  • Carmen Ortiz had a shorter ponytail.
  • Francis McReary was originally to have blonde hair.


  • Some areas named Anger Bay (Pelham Bay), Norfolk (NoHo), Jefferson Heights (Hamilton Heights), Acter Bay (South Kearny), Richmond (Richmond Hill) , Frogtown (Turtle Bay), Washington Heights were cut. Two areas called Hedgebury and Goatherd can be seen on roadsigns on the Broker-Dukes Expressway. It is likely that they are two more cut neighborhoods, or they could be beta names of the neighborhoods that are where Hedgebury and Goatherd supposedly lead to (Firefly Projects for Goatherd, and Outlook for Hedgebury).
  • According to the GXT Files, Beechwood City was called : Grayfords
  • The setting of the game was originally going to be Liberty State, rather than just Liberty City, and it would have included countryside surrounding Liberty City, mountains based on the Adirondacks and Catskills [1], and possibly The Caraways.
  • A street called Liberation St was either cut or renamed.
  • A street called 128th St was either cut or renamed
  • The Statue of Happiness was originally going to be called Statue of Freedom
  • The Statue of Happiness had a different face.