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Johnny is a veteran member of The Lost, a notorious biker gang. Johnny has been creating business opportunities for The Lost in Liberty City, but his first loyalty must be to the patch he wears on his back and to Billy Grey, the club’s President. However, when Billy returns from rehab hell-bent on bloodshed and debauchery, Johnny finds himself in the middle of a vicious turf war with rival gangs for control of a city torn apart by violence and corruption. Can the brotherhood survive? 

Developed by series creator Rockstar North and set in Liberty City, Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned features a new main character, Johnny Klebitz, and plot that intersects with the storyline of Grand Theft Auto IV; new missions that offer an entirely fresh way to explore Liberty City with new multiplayer modes, weapons and vehicles; and a diverse soundtrack with additional music—all with the incredible production values that are the trademarks of Grand Theft Auto. 



Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned takes place in 2008, at the same time as GTA IV. The events in GTA IV and GTA IV: TLAD both happen simultaneously as the stories cross in certain places. Liberty City consisting of four districts, based on four of the districts of New York City: Broker (Brooklyn), Dukes (Queens), Bohan (The Bronx), and Algonquin (Manhattan). West to the city is the independent state of Alderney (Northern New Jersey). There are three minor islands present in the game: Charge Island (Randall’s Island), Colony Island (Roosevelt Island), and Happiness Island (Liberty Island). In The Lost and Damned, the entire map of Liberty City is unlocked from the start compared to GTA IV of which was locked. This is because the story of TLAD starts part way through GTA IV’s story.



The story begins with Johnny Klebitz and all the members of the famous biker gang, The Lost MC, driving through the streets of Alderney at night. In a brief cameo, Niko Bellic, the main character of GTA IV, swears at a passer-by on the street as the gang drives past.

Johnny is the vice president of the gang, but has been the acting president for a year due to the club’s president, Billy Grey, who has been in court-ordered rehab after being arrested for narcotics possession. As leader, Johnny has established The Lost throughout Liberty City by making truces and deals after suffering several financial troubles, mainly caused by Billy’s poor leadership. The most notable truce is with The Lost’s rivals, The Angels of Death, which has allowed The Lost to operate their drug deals and gun running operations more freely.

On being released from rehab, Billy immediately reverts to a life of crime and tensions quickly grow between Billy and Johnny, who believe the gang should go different ways. Johnny wants to keep the gang running smoothly, deeming war with other gangs as immature and bad for business, whereas Billy prefers acts of random violence and mayhem. As such, Billy quickly leads the Lost to assault the Angels of Death Clubhouse, beginning a gang war against the Angels of Death, which serves as the main backdrop for the game.

Meanwhile Johnny does business with drug dealer Elizabeta Torres and import bikers Malc and DeSean. He is also entrapped by Congressman Thomas Stubbs III into committing several assassinations and planting a bug in the car of Deputy Mayor Bryce Dawkins (which is given to Niko Bellic by Bernie Crane soon after in Grand Theft Auto IV). From time to time Johnny is led to help his ex-girlfriend Ashley, a drug addict who constantly gets herself into trouble, including saving her from a group of thugs and paying off her debts to Dimitri Rascalov by kidnapping Roman Bellic.

Eventually, Billy is arrested after a failed drug deal with the Triads (which was actually partly set up by Billy, as revealed in the Ballad of Gay Tony) and Johnny takes over as President of The Lost. This immediately sparks a civil war within the gang, one side with Johnny, the other with secretary Brian Jeremy, who is still faithful to Billy and believes Johnny to be responsible for Billy’s arrest. Brian stages a coup against Johnny in which most of the Lost are killed. Johnny and his friends manage to come out on top, but Brian escapes. Soon after mafia capo Ray Boccino sells Brian’s location to Johnny in the interest of stabilizing his business with the Lost. Johnny goes to the safehouse and kills Brian along with the last of his goons, putting an end to the civil war.

After killing Brian, Johnny repays Boccino by stealing $2 million worth of diamonds for him from Anthony “Gay Tony” Prince (while killing Tony’s boyfriend Evan Moss in the process). When Johnny tries to collect his share of the diamond money, he becomes part of the infamous diamond deal seen in Grand Theft Auto IV, and manages to get away with all of the $2 million that Boccino was to receive for the diamonds. Johnny gives the money to the Lost’s treasurer Jim Fitzgerald. Soon after both Jim and Johnny are held captive by Boccino, but fight their way free and are pursued by Boccino’s men. Johnny leads his pursuers into an ambush in Alderney. However, when he returns to the Lost Clubhouse, Johnny learns from Ashley that Jim has been killed (by Niko Bellic).

Shortly after, Stubbs reveals that Billy is planning to testify against the Lost, pin all its crimes on Johnny, and enter Witness Protection Program. Johnny leads the remaining members of the Lost in a daring raid on the state prison in Alderney, where Billy is being detained, and personally executes him. With Billy dead, the surviving members of the Lost return to their clubhouse, where it is revealed that the only surviving members are Johnny, Clay Simons, Terry Thorpe and the paraplegic Angus Martin. With their club and brotherhood destroyed, they decide to burn the clubhouse to the ground. The last shot is of them watching it burn, contemplating what comes next. Ashley promises Johnny that she will enter rehab, with Johnny wishing her the best.

At several points throughout the course of the game, the plot intertwines with events from Grand Theft Auto IV and is seen and played out from Johnny’s perspective. These include Elizabeta’s drug deal gone awry, and Ray Boccino’s diamond operation (both of which were played from Niko’s perspective in the main game). It is revealed that it was Johnny who kidnapped Roman Bellic and took him to the warehouse in Bohan where Niko eventually rescued him in the main game (Roman briefly hints this in a text message). It is also revealed that a seemingly random biker that Niko killed for Ray Boccino in the main game was actually Johnny’s best friend, Jim Fitzgerald (in the mission No Way on the Subway). Also, Niko’s killing of The Lost member Jason Michaels under orders from Mikhail Faustin is blamed on The Angels of Death by Billy Grey, who uses it as an excuse to re-ignite the gang war between them. The ending movie shows key points in the original story line, such as Niko and Roman finding their home and cab business destroyed, and Niko executing Vlad, with The Lost riding in the background. One of the missions also involves Tony Prince from The Ballad of Gay Tony, including the trading of Ray Bulgarin’s diamonds, and provides Johnny’s perspective to the first piece of plot to that expansion’s storyline.



Johnny Klebitz – Protagonist:

Johnny Klebitz, voiced by Scott Hill, is the leader of The Lost MC gang whilst Billy Grey is incarcerated. Grey is released during the events of The Lost and Damned, leading to Klebitz being pushed back down the gangs pecking order. In GTA IV, he is seen helping Elizabeta Torres, who has him help Niko Bellic and Playboy X in a heroin deal, which is an LCPD set-up. Later on in the story, Johnny once again helps Niko in a diamond deal but betrays Niko and Ray Boccino, stealing the money from the deal.

Billy Grey – Antagonist:

Billy Grey, voiced by Lou Sumrall, is the Chapter President of The Lost MC gang in Alderney and the best friend / antagonist of Johnny Klebitz, who leads The Lost MC in Billy’s stead during his rehabilitation/incarceration and at the start of the story. He is responsible for much of the violence toward fellow motorcycle gang The Angels of Death.

Jim Fitzgerald – Major Character:

Jim Fitzgerald, voiced by Dennis Predovic (in GTA IV) and Chris McKinney (in TLAD) is the Treasurer of The Lost Brotherhood motorcycle gang. He doesn’t like the violence towards The Angels of Death either. In the events of GTA IV, he is killed by Niko Bellic on on orders from Ray Boccino.

Brian Jeremy – Major Character:

Brian Jeremy is a senior member of The Lost motorcycle gang as the club’s secretary and is fiercely loyal to the gangs incarcerated leader. Brian is killed by Johnny (if the player wishes to do so).

Jason Michaels – Major Character:

Jason Michaels is a member of The Lost MC. Jason works as a pimp and dates Anna Faustin, until he is killed by Niko Bellic on orders from Anna’s father, Mikhail.

Clay Simmons – Major Character:

Clay Simons is the road captain of The Lost MC and is implied to be a war veteran. As Road Captain if a fellow member is in need of a bike he will deliver it to them.

Ashley Butler – Major Character:

Ashley Butler, voiced by Traci Godfrey, is part of the The Lost Brotherhood’s incarcerated leader, Billy Grey. She is a known associate of Ray Boccino and has possibly had an affair with him. She was arrested in 2001 for being in possession of cocaine and is also a meth-amphetamine addict.

Malc – Major Character:

Malc is a member of the Uptown Riders motorcycle gang and an associate of Johnny Klebitz and Elizabeta Torres.

Terry Thorpe – Major Character:

Terry Thorpe is a member of The Lost motorcycle gang and is believed to run one of the gangs meth-amphetamine labs. He is the gang’s sergeant-at-arms and his services are similar to Little Jacob’s.

Thomas Stubbs – Major Character:

Thomas Stubbs, voiced by John Lantz, is a Congressman working in Liberty City. He gets Johnny to work for him after he blackmails him. He asks Johnny to perform various assassinations on people Stubbs knows. This is similar to Lester and Franklin in GTA V.

Ray Boccino – Major Character:

Ray Boccino is a member of Pegorino Family who needs the help of Johnny’s gang to steal some illegal diamonds. He plays a large part in GTA IV as he’s a main character in both GTA IV and TLAD.

Niko Bellic – Major Character:

Niko Bellic, voiced by Michael Hollic, is the protagonist in Grand Theft Auto IV and appears in The Lost and Damned during the mission Buyer’s Market (of which is Blow Your Cover in GTA IV) and later in the Collector’s Item mission (which Museum Piece in GTA IV).

Roman Bellic – Major Character:

Roman Bellic is the cousin of Niko Bellic and plays a major part in one mission of The Lost and Damned, ‘Roman’s Holiday’. Johnny is ordered by some of Dimitri Rascalov’s men to kidnap Roman, or else Ashley would get killed. With the help of Malc, Johnny is successful in doing so, but still feeling a bit sorry for him, even asking to go easy on him to Dimitri’s men.

Elizabeta Torres – Major Character: 

Elizabeta Torres, voiced by Charlie Parker, is a drug dealer living in Liberty City. She hires Niko Bellic, Playboy X and Johnny Klebitz to do a drug deal in the mission Buyer’s Market (Blow Your Cover in GTA IV).

Playboy X – Brief Character: 

Playboy X, voiced by Postell Pringle, is the leader of the North Holland Hustlers, standing in for Dwayne Forge. He works for Elizabeta Torres and alongside Niko Bellic and Johnny Klebitz in a drug deal in the mission Buyer’s Market (Blow Your Cover in GTA IV).

Tony Prince (Gay Tony) – Brief Character:

Tony Prince, known as Gay Tony, is a nightclub owner in Liberty City and appears briefly in The Lost and Damned. Johnny is told by Ray Boccino to rob the diamonds from Tony. Johnny arrives at a deal in which Tony is getting the diamonds, and Tony let his boyfriend Evan Moss hold the diamonds. When Luis Lopez notices Johnny and The Lost where behind them, they fled, with Evan still holding the diamonds. Johnny killed Evan and acquired the diamonds. 

Luis Lopez – Brief Character:

Luis Lopez, the companion / bodyguard of Tony Prince, is the protagonist of The Ballad of Gay Tony and appears twice in The Lost and Damned. First, at the deal with Tony where he acquires the diamonds. Johnny was ordered to steal the diamonds from Tony. Luis noticed Johnny and The Lost where behind them and they quickly fled. The second time was, during the diamond deal between Johnny and Niko and Isaac Roth, where Luis appears to mess up the deal by shooting Isaac’s companion Mori Green. 



All of the weapons that are available in the original GTA IV game are also available in The Lost and Damned, however there are also 6 bonus weapons which are listed below. These weapons can not be bought from a gun store, however can be obtained via 3 other ways; 1 – Call Terry and he’ll meet you with the gun van. 2 – Call Jim who will deliver 1 weapon of your choice to The Lost Clubhouse. 3 – Complete gang war missions. For every 10 that you complete, one of the new weapons will be available at your safehouse.

Automatic 9mm – Pistol:

The Automatic 9mm Pistol is believed to be based off of the CZ 75B. It’s the same as the standard pistol however is just automatic, so easier to kill people with, although uses a full clip quicker.

Assault Shotgun – Shotgun:

The Assault Shotgun is based off of the Striker. It’s an automatic shotgun which delivers heavy fire-power. On the downside, it has extremely poor accuracy.

Sawed-Off Shotgun – Shotgun:

This new shotgun is semi-powerful, however has a bad accuracy just like the Assault Shotgun. On the upside, it only takes 1 second to reload.

Grenade Launcher – Heavy:

Tired of tossing grenades and getting caught in the blast? Well now with the Grenade Launcher you’ll be ale to pop them out at a distance away from you!

Pipe Bomb – Projectile:

The Pipe Bomb is just like a grenade. Toss it and watch it explode.

Pool Cure – Melee:

Like playing pool? Well now you can like it better. Like you might have done in San Andreas, why not smash the shit out of someone with the pool cure, you could even hit them in their balls and get some practice, or stick to the Baseball Bat, your choice.



Billy Grey:

  • Clean and Serene – Retrieve Billy’s Bike, and kill The Angels of Death members.
  • Angels in America – Chase and kill The Angels of Death members.
  • It’s War – Save the The Lost Brotherhood members from The Angels of Death.
  • Action/Reaction – Ambush the Angels of Death Clubhouse.

Jim Fitzgerald:

  • Liberty City Choppers – Steal bikes of The Angels of Death.
  • Bad Cop Drop – Lure and kill Jimmy Matthews and Ed McCornish and their crooked cops.

Elizabeta Torres:

  • Buyer’s Market – Attend a Heroin deal with Niko Bellic, Playboy X and flee from police’s trap.

Thomas Stubbs:

  • Politics – Kill Arthur Stubbs.
  • Off Route – “Liberate” white-collar criminals in a Prison Bus

Ashley Butler:

  • Coming Down – Save Ashley from drug addicts.

Billy Grey:

  • This Shit’s Cursed – Attain Heroin deal with Algonquin Triads and escape the ambush.

Jim Fitzgerald:

  • Hit the Pipe – Blast The Angels of Death vans with Pipe bombs.
  • End of Chapter – Kill Brian’s henchmen.
  • Bad Standing – Kill or spare Brian Jeremy.

Elizabeta Torres:

  • Heavy Toll – Take control of toll booth and steal Slamvan full of Cocaine.
  • Marta Full of Grace – Bring Marta from airport and lose the cops.
  • Shifting Weight – Attain the drug deal and escape from LCPD officers.

Ashley Butler:

  • Roman’s Holiday – Kidnap Roman Bellic.

Ray Boccino:

  • Diamonds in the Rough – Kill Evan Moss and steal the Diamonds, hide them in trash bags.
  • Collector’s Item – Attain Diamonds deal with Niko Bellic in The Libertonian and flee with the money bag.
  • Was It Worth It? – Kill Ray Boccino’s goons after being lead into a trap.

Thomas Stubbs:

  • Get Lost – Kill Billy Grey.



Due to (at first) TLAD being a DLC for GTA IV, Rockstar were only able to add in new songs to radio stations in TLAD. Stations that got an update were: 

Liberty Rock Radio 97.8

Liberty City Hardcore

Beat 102.7

Radio Broker


All other radio stations from GTA IV stayed how they were, this was also the case for TBOGT. However, if you were to later purchase GTA Episodes from Liberty City, you’d have had the addition of this music plus the 3 new radio stations (which replaced existing ones). The new stations in EFLC were:

Vice City FM (Replacing The Vibe)

RamJam FM (Replacing Tuff Gong)

Self-Actualization FM (Replacing The Journey)



Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned is the first of two episodic expansion packs for  GTA IV, developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It was first released for the Xbox 360 on 17 February 2009 and on PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows on 13 April 2010. 



  • Content from the mission Politics was cut.
  • A Game Informer preview states Johnny could originally change outfits: Johnny had 2 outfits, one from GTA IV and the one he wears in TLAD.
  • According to previews, Johnny had the ability to date girlfriends.
  • The Lost MC Clubhouse originally had a newer exterior; it had white walls with the door moved more to the right and it was also much smaller, which can be noticed in several early pictures.
  • Jason Michaels had a bigger role in the game, as seen in several trailers.
  • Malc gave missions to Johnny.
  • Johnny would had Jason, Malc and DeSean’s phone numbers.
  • There was going to be a mission where Johnny, Billy, Brian and Jason did drive bys on a police car.
  • Terry wore a different outfit as seen in a screenshot.
  • Jason would originally wore the same outfit that he wears in a GTA IV’s mission No Love Lost instead of the one he wears in TLAD missions.
  • The Russian Shop would have been accessible but was cut because the clothes in the shop wouldn’t fit for the biker-style theme in the game. If the player goes to the front door, an icon will appear.