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There are a million stories in Liberty City. This one changes everything. Once a trusted wise guy in the Leone crime family, Toni Cipriani was forced into hiding after killing a made man. Now he’s back and it’s time for things to be put right. 

The streets of Liberty City are in turmoil. Warring mafiosi vie for control as the town begins to self-destruct under waves of political corruption, organized crime, drug trafficking and union strikes. No one can be trusted as Toni tries to clean up the mess of the city’s chaotic underworld. Deranged hit men, morally depraved tycoons, cynical politicians and his own mother stand in his way as Toni tries to bring the city under Leone control. 

Forced to fight for his life in an odyssey that will shake Liberty City to its foundations, Toni must use any means necessary to secure his place in the leadership of the Leone family in a town up for grabs.

The game is set in Liberty City (the same city featured in Grand Theft Auto III). Both games share an overall common plan and feature many of the same locations. However, as Liberty City Stories takes place in 1998, three years before the events of Grand Theft Auto III, there are some significant differences in street layout and buildings between the two versions of Liberty City. For instance, the Callahan Bridge is under construction and the Porter Tunnel has not been completed, necessitating a ferry service to connect the islands. Also Fort Staunton has a thriving Little Italy district, however late in the game it is destroyed, and replaced by a construction site by the time of Grand Theft Auto III.

Toni Cipriani is fresh back in the city after lying low for several years, having killed a made man as a favor for Don Salvatore Leone. The grateful Salvatore puts him straight back to work. During the course of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, players can accept a variety of missions from many people, including Salvatore, Salvatore’s wife Maria, JD O’Toole, wise guy Vincenzo “Vinnie” Cilli, and even Toni’s own mother. Players may also accept missions from the “Avenging Angels”, similar to the Guardian Angels, earning special vehicles and wardrobe rewards.

The game features a club named “Paulie’s Revue Bar” which is later taken over by the Leone family and renamed “Sex Club Seven”. In the PSP version, as in all subsequent versions than the beta versions, the player cannot go in the club. Although Liberty City Stories is set in 1998, the intro for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which takes place in 1992, shows the club as “Sex Club Seven”. This is likely a continuity error as Liberty City Stories was not in development when the San Andreas introduction DVD was released. San Andreas’ events lead up Grand Theft Auto III where the club was also named “Sex Club Seven”.

Toni Cipriani, having been forced into living abroad after killing a made man on the orders of Salvatore Leone, decides to return to Liberty City. Upon arrival Toni is greeted by Salvatore and a member of the Leone family, Vincenzo “Lucky Vinnie” Cilli, who rose to prominence during Toni’s absence. Vincenzo is instructed by Salvatore to set Toni up with an apartment and job in Liberty City. Not long after, Toni quits upon the realization that Vincenzo had set up a job designed to ensure Toni would be caught by the police. Toni then begins working with a former member of the rival Sindacco crime family now loyal to Leone, J.D. O’Toole, but this is short-lived as another member of the Leone crime family is ordered to kill O’Toole on the same day he was intended to become a made man within the family.

A time after, Toni receives a call from Vincenzo during which he insists that he is apologetic toward the situation regarding Toni’s previous job with him and asks Toni to meet. However, this turns out to be a trap set by Vincenzo so that he gets Toni’s place in the Leone family. Toni is then attacked by henchmen loyal to Vincenzo but quickly subdues them and kills Vincenzo in the process. Following Vincenzo’s death, Toni resumes working for Salvatore Leone.

Toni reunites with his mother only to be met by her disapproval of his status within the Leone ranks. She orders a hit on Toni but he manages to kill the hitmen instead, leaving the business unfinished between both he and his mother. Toni’s relationship with Salvatore and his wife, Maria, grows as he continues working for them eventually leading Salvatore to place his trust in Toni and set him up in a larger apartment in exchange for Toni chauffeuring them to a secluded area of Liberty City and away from the rising attacks on the Leone family by various gangs. In particularly, a war is orchestrated between the three leading Mafia families, the Leones, Sindaccos, and Forellis.

Toni continues working for the Leone family in an effort to display his loyalty and eventually becomes a made man as a result. Toni’s mother receives the news and is elated to learn her son’s status has finally risen to what she’d hoped and eventually calls off the hit she had ordered on Toni previously. The celebration is cut short however, as the Liberty City police arrive and arrest Salvatore under suspicion that he is a gang leader known only as “Mr. Big”. Toni remains loyal to Salvatore and poses as his lawyer, while continuing to accept jobs from him which lead to Toni attacking Salvatore’s rivals, culminating with Toni killing the head of the Sindacco family, Paulie Sindacco,who was the main reason of Salvatore’s arrest and had made the new mayor arrest Salvatore.

Toni soon becomes a respected leader within the Leone family. Salvatore is eventually taken to trial, an event which his rivals plan to use as an opportunity to be rid of him. Toni realizes this and intervenes, keeping Leone safe. After Salvatore is released on bail, he comes to conclude that Massimo Torini is behind his troubles and realizes that in order to prevent recently elected mayor, Miles O’Donovan, from dropping the charges against Leone that Torini has taken the mayor hostage.

Both Salvatore and Toni head to the island where Torini is holding the mayor and a fight ensues, resulting in the two killing Torini and using the time with the mayor to establish that O’Donovan is now in the Leone family’s debt and as the game concludes, Salvatore demands that O’Donovan grant protection to the Leone family while Toni attempts to unsettle the mayor to ensure it is granted. Afterward, it is revealled that Torini was the underboss of Salvatore’s uncle, who had been trying to undermine his nephew’s control of the city.

Toni Cipriani – Protagonist:

Toni Cipriani, voiced by Daniel Mastrogiorgio is the capo of the Leone Family, just returning to Liberty City after spending four years in laying low. Toni sets about helping Salvatore Leone and the Leone Family, impressing his mother, helping various friends and weakening other gangs and criminal elements in Liberty City. He also made an appearance in GTA III.

Massimo Torini – Antagonist:

Massimo Torini, voiced by Duccio Fagella, is a high-ranking member of the Sicilian Mafia who are attempting to take control of Liberty City and pretending to unite the mafia families. Torini meets up with the Triads and Diablos, making deals to gain their support. Although Toni quickly learns of the plot and, after Salvatore is released from prison, Torini is killed by Salvatore and Toni after attempting to take the mayor hostage.

Salvatore Leone – Major Character:

Salvatore Leone, voiced by Frank Vincent is the Don of the Leone Crime Family and is attempting to remove the Forelli Family and Sindacco Family from Liberty City. Salvatore, with the help of Toni, manages to eliminate the pair but then faces problems from various gangs and from the newMayor. Salvatore, however, manages to survive the chaos and continues leading the Leone Family. Salvatore also appeared in GTA III and GTA San Andreas.

Vincenzo Cilli – Major Character:

Vincenzo Cilli, voiced by Joe Lo Truglio is an up-and-coming high-ranking member of the Leone Crime Family who has taken advantage of Toni being away from Liberty. Although, when Toni does return he is placed under Vincenzo, with Vincenzo making Toni’s life a living hell. Toni eventually stops working for Vincenzo. Toni later kills Vincenzo during a set-up designed to kill Toni.

Joseph Daniel O-Toole – Major Character:

Joseph Daniel O’Toole who is voiced by Greg Wilsion runs Paulie’s Revue Bar for the Sindacco Family who he turns on. After secretly joining the Leone Family, O’Toole begins to leak information to Toni, allowing him to counter attempts of weakening the Leone Family. Salvatore Leone eventually goes against O’Toole, and has him killed during a ceremony to make him a ‘made man’.

Jane Hopper – Major Character:

Jane Hopper, voiced by Gordana Rashovich is the head manager of the Liberty City Trade Union and is helping the dock workers in their strike for saving the Ferry Service Liberty City. Salvatore had helped Hopper set up the strike, but she then turns on Salvatore, not allowing him access to the dock. Salvatore eventually has Toni scare Jane enough for her to comply with Salvatore’s wishes.

Maria Latore – Major Character:

Maria Latore who has also been in GTA III and San Andreas and is voiced by Fiona Gallagher is the wife of Salvatore Leone and befriends Toni. Her marriage to Salvatore is quite rocky, with the pair unable to be in the same building with each without insults being thrown at the other., but, she is in love with Salvatore’s money and has become addicted to drugs, leading to her become involved in various dangerous situations and with Cedric Fotheringay.

Donald Love – Major Character:

Donald Love, voiced by Will Janowitz is a businessman who runs for Mayor of Liberty City after the death of Roger C. Hole. Donald Love loses the election due to links with Toni and loses all of his money. Love ends up in a flop house on Shoreside Vale but makes plans to get rich again, which succeed after he has Avery Carrington killed. Donald later leaves Liberty with two dead bodies (Carrington’s and Ned Burner’scorpses). He was also in GTA III and Vice City.

Miles O’Donovan – Major Character:

Miles O’Donovan is voiced by John Braden and  had stood in Mayoral elections leading up to to 1998, when he finally comes to power after beating Donald Love after the death of Roger C. Hole. O’Donovan begins a crack down on crime, in particular Salvatore Leone, who he has arrested. O’Donovan is kidnapped by the Sicilian Mafia but is rescued by Salvatore and Toni, with O’Donovan then under the thumb of Salvatore.

Paulie Sindacco – Major Character:

Paulie Sindacco is the Don of the Sindacco Family and isn’t around for long, as he travels from Liberty City to Las Venturas numerous times. He tries to broker a truce between the Forellis and the Sindaccos, which is ruined by Toni, who gains control of his car. Toni later kills Paulie as Salvatore attempts to wipe out both the Forelli Family and the Sindacco Family.

Leon McAffrey – Major Character:

Leon McAffrey us voiced by Ron Orbach and has previously appeared in GTA III. He is a bent police officer, who is more interested in material gains and causing crime than preventing crime. He helps Toni establish Leone Family domination in the mob war, also helping the Uptown Yardies to move into Staunton Island. However, when the police move in on Salvatore, McAffrey cuts all ties with Toni and the Leone Family.

Ned Burner – Major Character: 

Ned Burner which is voiced by Peter Bradbury is a reporter for the Liberty Tree newspaper who disguises himself as a father at the church on Staunton Island. He gets Toni to do a selection of jobs in order to generate news. Burner, however, digs too deep and witnesses Toni killing Avery Carrington. Toni later kills Burner, who’s body ends up on a plane with Donald Love, his remains being partly eaten.

Toshiko Kasen – Major Character:

Toshiko Kasen, voiced by Hana Moon, is the wife of Kazuki Kasen, the leader of the Yakuza. Toshiko is angry, feeling she is nothing but a trophy wife and feels rejected by Kazuki. She hires Toni to weaken the Yakuza’s standing in the city. As time passes, after running Kazuki through the mill, has Toni kill him. A guilt ridden Toshiko then commits suicide, wishing to be ‘truly’ free.

Below is a list of weapons available throughout GTA: Liberty City Stories. This ranges from handheld weapons, to assault rifles and heavy weapon. 




The Camera isn’t use for destruction directly, but the photos they produce have been in many of Liberty City’s politico’s ultimate downfall. Cameras have been found all around town full of film of scandals, robberies and murder.




Without a weapon, this is all you have and you aren’t going to get very far without anything else. Punch someone in the face and knock them to the ground, that’s all they’re good for. Not like you can shoot someone with your finger is it.


Brass Knuckles

As you’ll know, the Brass Knuckles have been in past GTA games and they’re a slight improvement to your bear fists, however they don’t do that much more damage, so we suggest buying a gun instead.




Often used by architects. It doesn’t do much damage, but hey! It’s better than your fists anyway.


Hand Axe

You could probably cut some wood up with this, but well, we are talking about GTA here, so in this situation just cut somebody’s arm off.


Hockey Stick

Is playing hockey on your mind? Well you can’t do it in GTA, but you can beat the shit out of someone with a hockey stick. Like the baseball bat, I’m sure you can knock out and kill someone with this weapon, and plus, it looks pretty cool too!


Baseball Bat

Just like the hockey stick, this weapon is normally used to play sports with, however it’s GTA and a baseball bat isn’t used for hitting balls, it’s used for kicking the shit out of someone you don’t like. 



Go make me a sandwich and cut the crust off! Nah, instead of cutting crusts off of bread just use the knife to slice someone’s throat. Watch them bleed!


Meat Cleaver

You’d normally expect to see a butcher cutting up meat, but some people are use to seeing Toni cutting people up with one of these. It’s going to be messy.



A Machete is like a massive knife so expect it to do some serious damage to your opponent!



You may remember this bad-ass weapon from GTA: San Andreas, and well, you can use it in LCS too! Some intense damage will be created with one of these things, like cutting off someone’s head!



Some may say, “Cut down my tree”, however in GTA people don’t even get the chance to say “I’m fucked” before the chainsaw is inside their chest. Great damage can be made using the Chainsaw without the need of spraying a load of bullets and alerting the surrounding pedestrians, even though some will run away.



9mm Pistol

The standard 9mm Pistol is used by the LCPD as a default weapon. It’s not very powerful but it gets the job done, eventually.


.357 Revolver

The .357 Revolver does much more damage than the standard 9mm Pistol and it sounds much better too. Only downside is that it takes ages to reload, and so not the best when needing to pick off a lot of enemies quickly.



Standard Shotgun

The Standard Shotgun does how some power in it. It’s a great weapon for killing people in 1-2 shots. It’s used by the LCPD and some gangsters. 


Stubby Shotgun

The Stubby Shotgun is also known from being in GTA Vice City. It’s more powerful than the Standard Shotgun and can kill someone in almost 1 shot when at a close distance.


Combat Shotgun

Another shotgun from Vice City, the Combat Shotgun is also known as the Spaz 12. One of the best guns on the game dude to its wide bullet spread and extreme power.

Sub-Machine Guns



The Tec-9 isn’t the best weapon in LCS. It’s not a very fast-firing gun, but it’s clip capacity is the greatest of all of the machine pistols. This gun is used quite a lot by gangsters


Ingram Mac 10

The Ingram Mac 10 isn’t as accurate as the other Sub-Machine guns, however it does have a faster rate of fire than them all.


Uzi 9mm

The Uzi 9mm is a rather known weapon throughout the GTA series. It’s a common weapon used by criminals and have quite a high damage rate.



The SMG is also known as the MP5 is a very powerful gun which is normally used by the FBI.

Assault Rifles



The AK-47 is one of the most popular weapons not just in GTA but in the world. Russian made, the gun delivers a load of damage and an awesome sound.


Colt M4

The Colt M4 is normally used by the Military and is much better than the AK-47.




Great weapon to use in a large group of people, just make sure you aren’t in the proximity when it blows, you only have 3 seconds to run away!


Molotov Cocktail

A cocktail of chemicals, a burning rag, and a glass bottle. When thrown the whole thing explodes on impact and ignited the immediate area. Useful for barbecuing crowds of people.


Detonator Bomb

This is the same as a normal grenade, apart from with this you toss it somewhere, run away and then blow it up using a detonator remote. Great if you want to take people out without getting caught in the blast.



Colt M60

The Colt M60 is a Heavy gun which is normally used by two people, however with Toni’s super muscles he can do it all on his own. The gun can kill someone in almost 1 shot.


Flame Thrower

A great way to get some heat, or to burn down pedestrians, enemies and vehicles!


Rocket Launcher

This weapon can cause devastating destruction. A well placed rocket could blow up several nearby vehicles and anybody who is unlucky enough to be standing near the blast radius.



Probably the most powerful gun throughout the whole GTA series. The minigun has a super fast rate of fire and can destroy anything in its path!

Sniper Rifles


Standard Sniper Rifle

A great weapon for long distance and for assassinating people.


Sniper Rifle with Laser Scope

Same as the Standard Rifle, however has a Laser Scope which means a better accuracy when aiming and targeting for your shot.


  • Introduction: Opening cutscene, where Toni Cipriani arrives back home to Liberty City.

Vincenzo Cilli:

  • Home Sweet Home: Drive to your new house and take Vincenzo to his warehouse in Atlantic Quays.
  • Slacker: Take a reluctant drug dealer to Chinatown.
  • Dealing Revenge: Kill members of the Sindacco Family for killing a Leone dealer.
  • Snuff: Kill the Sindacco heavy keeping an eye on Joseph Daniel O’Toole.
  • Smash and Grab: Rescue Leone Family members from the cops after a botched raid.
  • Hot Wheels: Pick up Vincenzo’s car full of drugs and escape the Police.

Joseph Daniel O’Toole:

  • Bone Voyeur!: Gather JD’s money from the prostitutes around the Red Light District.
  • Don in 60 Seconds: Drive Salvatore away from Paulie’s Revue Bar and the cops.
  • A Volatile Situation: Defend a Leone casino from the Sindaccos.
  • Blow Up ‘Dolls’: Blow up the Sindacco owned brothel-casino.

Ma Cipriani:

  • Snappy Dresser: Follow Giovanni Casa and take embarrassing photos of him.
  • Big Rumble in Little China: Kill two gangs of Triads in Chinatown.
  • Grease Sucho: Win a street race and kill Dan Sucho.
  • Dead Meat: Kill Giovanni Casa and deliver his remains to his deli.
  • No Son of Mine: Survive the hitmen Ma has sent after Toni.

Salvatore Leone:

  • The Offer: Deliver a bribe to Jane Hopper and escape her ambush.
  • Ho Selecta!: Gather up prostitutes and deliver them to the docks.
  • Frighteners: Scare three union bosses into submission.
  • Rollercoaster Ride: Scare Jane Hopper into submission by recklessly driving her limo.

Maria Latore:

  • Shop ’til you Strop: Take Maria out shopping.
  • Taken for a Ride: Take Maria to her dealer and rescue her from the Sindaccos.
  • Booby Prize: Win a bike race.
  • Biker Heat: Kill Cedric ‘Wayne’ Fotheringay.
  • Overdose of Trouble: Find Maria’s “zap” to prevent her from dying on a drug overdose.

Salvatore Leone:

  • Contra-Banned: Go to a drug deal in Portland Harbor and escape the Police.

Joseph Daniel O’Toole:

  • Salvatore’s Salvation: Rescue Salvatore from his kidnappers.
  • The Guns of Leone: Protect Salvatore as he goes on a Sindacco killing rampage.
  • Calm Before the Storm: Follow Massimo Torini around town.
  • The Made Man: Take JD to be ‘made’.

Vincenzo Cilli:

  • The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade: Survive Vincenzo’s ambush and kill him.

Salvatore Leone:

  • Sindacco Sabotage: Defend Red Light District from the Diablos.
  • The Trouble With Triads: Collect Salvatore’s money from a warehouse in Callahan Point.
  • Driving Mr. Leone: Escape from the cops in Portland Island to Staunton Island with Salvatore.
  • A Walk in the Park: Assassinate Mayor Roger C. Hole.
  • Making Toni: Go to Toni’s ceremony to be ‘made’.

Donald Love:

  • The Morgue Party Candidate: Steal a corpse to Donald Love.
  • Steering the Vote: Campaign for Donald Love by driving his campaign van around Staunton Island.
  • Cam-Pain: Kill Miles O’Donovan’s campaigners.
  • Friggin’ the Riggin’: Burn down a Forelli warehouse full of voting machines and fake ballots.
  • Love & Bullets: Protect Donald from the Forellis.
  • Counterfeit Count: Steal uncounted votes from couriers.

Salvatore Leone:

  • Caught in the Act: Protect Salvatore from the mayor’s secret service as he interrogates the Mayor’s Assistant.
  • Search and Rescue: Rescue Salvatore from the Forellis in Fort Staunton.
  • Taking the Peace: Remote control Paulie Sindacco’s car to botch his meeting with the Forellis.
  • Shoot the Messenger: Kill the Forelli wiseguy.

Leon McAffrey:

  • Sayonara Sindaccos: Kill a lot of Sindaccos with Leon McAffrey.
  • The Whole 9 Yardies: Lure Forellis into a Yardie ambush.
  • Crazy ’69’: Kill 20 Forellis in Belleville Park with a katana.
  • Night of the Livid Dreads: Protect Yardies from attacking Sindaccos.
  • Munitions Dump: Destroy Forelli weapon trucks before they reach their destination.

Ned Burner:

  • L.C. Confidential: Steal a report and deliver it to Liberty Tree.
  • The Passion of the Heist: Steal stolen diamonds and deliver them to Liberty Tree.
  • Karmageddon: Use a firetruck to cause havoc and desturction.
  • False Idols: Kill three celebrities: DB-P, Black Lightman and Faith W.

Donald Love:

  • Love on the Rocks: Steal the evidence linking Donald Love to the Leone Family.

Salvatore Leone:

  • Rough Justice: Exact revenge on the Forellis in Wichita Gardens.
  • Dead Reckoning: Kill Paulie Sindacco.
  • Shogun Showdown: Infiltrate Yakuza’s compound and destroy their tank.

Donald Love:

  • Panlantic Land Grab: Kill Avery Carrington and steal his redevelopment plans.
  • Stop the Press: Kill Ned Burner.
  • Morgue Party Resurrection: Collect the bodies of Avery Carrington and Ned Burner for Donald.

Toshiko Kasen:

  • More Deadly Than the Male: Steal a Yakuza arms shipment.
  • Cash Clash: Destroy three Yakuza money shipments before they reach their destination.
  • A Date With Death: Take Toshiko to an Opera and escape the Forellis.
  • Cash in Kazuki’s Chips: Kill Kazuki Kasen.


  • No Money, Mo’ Problems: Get $20,000 to pay 8-Ball for his explosives.
  • Bringing the House Down: Rig explosives in the tunnels under Fort Staunton and blow up the whole district.

Donald Love

  • Love on the Run: Defend Donald from the Colombian Cartel and take him to the airport.

Salvatore Leone:

  • The Shoreside Redemption: Defend Salvatore’s prison transport from the Sicilians.
  • The Sicilian Gambit: Rescue Mayor Miles O’Donovan from Massimo Torini and the Sicilians.

Most radio stations consist of music, DJ chat, and spoof advertising. The player can listen to the following radio stations:

Head Radio (Pop, Adult Contemporary, Soft Rock, Pop Rock and R&B, Hosted by Michael Hunt)

Conor & Jay – Train (Craig Conner, Julie Wemyss)

Cloud Nineteen – The One For Me (Will Morton)

Purser – Take The Pain (Will Morton, Chris Morton)

L.Marie (feat. Raff) – Free Yourself (Craig Conner)

15 Ways – Drive (Colin Entwistle)

Rosco Stow – Welcome to the Real World (Craig Conner)

Vanilla Smoothie – Keep Dreaming (Alastair MacGregor)

Double Cleff FM(Classical and Opera, Hosted by Sergio Boccino)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – “E amore un ladroncello” (1790)

Giuseppe Verdi – “Anvil Chorus” (1853)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – “Overture” (1786)

Giuseppe Verdi – “Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves” (1842)

Giuseppe Verdi – “Tacea la notte placida” (1853)

Ruggiero Leoncavallo – “Vesti la giubba” (1892)

K-JAH – (Dancehall and Reggae, Hosted by Natalie Walsh Davis)

Peter Bouncer – “Ready for the Dancehall Tonight” (1986)

Kenny Knots – “Ring My Number” (1986)

Richie Davis – “You Ha Fe Cool” (1987)

Selah Collins – “Pick a Sound” (1986)

Kenny Knots – “Watch How the People Dancing” (1986)

Richie Davis – “Lean Boot” (1987)

Errol Bellot – “What a Wonderful Feeling” (1987)

Kenny Knots – “Run Come, Call Me” (1986)

Rise FM (House, Dance, Chicago House, Acid Techno and UK Garage, Hosted by Boy Sanchez)

Moloko – “Sing it Back” (Boris Musical Mix) (1998)

Ultra Naté – “Free” (1997)

Happy Clappers – “I Believe” (1994)*

Eddie Amador – “House Music” (1998)

Kristine W – “Feel What You Want” (1994)

De’Lacy – “Hideaway” (Deep Dish Vocal Remix) (1995)

Sneaker Pimps – “Spin Spin Sugar” (Armand’s Dark Garage Mix) (1997)*

Jaydee – “Plastic Dreams” (1992)

Ron Trent – “Altered States” (1993)

The Absolute – “There Will Come A Day” (Half Tab Dub) (1995)

Slam – “Positive Education” (1997)

Green Velvet – “Flash” (1995)

Robert Armani – “Circus Bells” (Hardfloor Remix) (1993)

Josh Wink – “Higher State of Consciousness” (1995)

Lips 106 – (Top 40, Pop and R&B, Hosted by Cliff Lane & Andee)

Rudy La Fontaine – Funk in Time (Jon McCavish)

Sawaar – Love is the Feeling (Craig Conner, Julie Wemyss)

Sunshine Shine – Mine Until Monday (Will Morton)

Credit Check – Get Down (Alastair MacGregor)

Cool Timers – Tonight (Craig Conner)

Nina Barry – Bassmatic (Jon McCavish)

The Jackstars – Into Something (Come on, Get Down) (Craig Conner)

Radio Del Mundo(World, Indian, Pakistani, South Asian and Arabic, Hosted by Panjit Gavaskar )

Ahmed Mneimneh – “Aini Bet Ref” (1981)*

Ofra Haza – “Im Nin’Alu” (1988)*

Farid El Attrach – “Hebeena Hebeena” (1974)

Natacha Atlas – “Kidda” (1997)*

Vijaya Anand – “Neeve Nanna (Only You Were Mine)” (1988)

Samira Tawfic – “Ballaa Tsoubou Hal Kahwa” (1963)*

Asha Bhonsle – “Dum Maro Dum” (1971)

Ananda Shankar – “Raghupati” (1970)

Salatin El Tarab Orchestra – “Ah Ya Zein” (2005) (Exclusive to Mobile Version)

Michel Nahme – “Marmara” (1990) (Exclusive to Mobile Version)

Mohamad Hussein – “Mariam Mariamti” (1988) (Exclusive to Mobile Version)

Mosavo – “Cedars of Lebanon (Lebanese Dabke)” (2005) (Exclusive to Mobile Version)

Mohamed Eskander – “La Tisalouni” (2008) (Exclusive to Mobile Version)

MSX 98FM( Intelligent Jungle, Ambient Drum & Bass and Breakbeat Hardcore, Hosted by MC Codebreaker)

Omni Trio – “Renegade Snares” (1993)

Renegade – “Terrorist” (1994)

Foul Play – “Finest Illusion (Legal Mix)” (1993)

Omni Trio – “Living For The Future (FBD Project Remix)” (1994)

DJ Pulse – “Stay Calm (Foul Play Remix)” (1994)

Hyper-On Experience – “Disturbance (Tango Remix)” (1994)

Higher Sense – “Cold Fresh Air” (1994)

Omni Trio – “Living For The Future” (1994)

Omni Trio – “Thru The Vibe (2 on 1 Remix)” (1994)

Deep Blue – “The Helicopter Tune” (1993)

Dead Dred – “Dred Bass” (1994)

Flashback 95.6 (Italo Disco and Disco, Hosted by Reni Wassulmaier)

Giorgio Moroder – “I Wanna Rock You” (1979)

Giorgio Moroder – “E=MC²” (1979)

Giorgio Moroder – “From Here to Eternity” (1977)

Giorgio Moroder – “Chase” (1978)

Giorgio Moroder – “First Hand Experience in Second Hand Love” (1977)

Giorgio Moroder – “I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone” (1977)

The Liberty Jam (East Coast Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop, Rap and Gangsta-Rap, Hosted by DJ Clue)

Method Man – “All I Need” (1994)

Big Pun feat. Fat Joe – “Twinz (Deep Cover ’98)” (1998)

DMX feat. DJ Clue, Drag-On, Jadakiss, Styles P. and Eve – “Ruff Ryders Anthem” (1998)

DMX feat. Sheek Louch – “Get At Me Dog” (1998)

Big Pun – “Beware” (1998)

Redman feat. Method Man – “Do What Ya Feel” (1996)

The L.O.X. feat. Black Rob – “Chain Gang Freestyle” (1998)*

Noreaga – “N.O.R.E.” (1998)

Mobb Deep – “Shook Ones (Pt.II)” (1995)

The L.O.X. feat. DJ Clue – “Chest2Chest Freestyle” (1998)*

Onyx feat. Big Pun and Noreaga – “Shut ’em Down (Remix)” (1998)

Raekwon – “Incarcerated Scarfaces” (1995)

Liberty City Free Radio(Talk Radio)

Heartland Values with Nurse Bob

Electron Zone Radio

Breathing World

Coq O Vin


Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is a 2005 action-adventure open world video game developed by Rockstar North and Rockstar Leeds, for the PlayStation Portable.A port for the PlayStation 2 was released on June 6, 2006 in North America. At the time of release, the recommended retail price of the PS2 port was around half the price of the PSP version. The PS2 port does not feature the custom soundtrack ripping capability, in comparison to its PSP counterpart. It was released on October 1, 2009 as a downloadable game on the revised PSP model PSP Go. It was released on PlayStation 3 via the PlayStation Network on April 2, 2013.



  • Joseph Daniel O’Toole’s glasses were originally blue.
  • Toni Cipriani originally looked older.



  • It’s widely believed that Leon McAffrey, Salvatore Leone or Donald Love was to give a mission to the player to turn back against the Yardies and befriend a Irish-American gang that were also removed, which may explain why the Yardies attack Toni.
  • Sindacco Sabotage has the players fighting the Diablo’s, it is likely the mission originally involved the Sindacco’s Sabotaging the player.

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