Grand Theft Auto VI

GTA VI May Feature Gregory Connors as Lead Actor

It would appear that the actor behind ‘Jason’ for Grand Theft Auto VI may have been unintentionally revealed. 

Grand Theft Auto VI features 2 main protagonists, Jason and Lucia, at least that’s what we’ve learned from previous gameplay leaks and the characters focused in the game’s reveal trailer last year. Of course, the question remains, who is actually playing them?

According to the resume of American actor, Gregory Connors, he is working on a voice over lead role for a 2025 release by Rockstar Games. The only release that has been made public is of course, Grand Theft Auto VI. Since this was found by Game Rant, the listing was removed from Connor’s resume. The link is now completely private and not viewable. The 37-year old, New-York based stage actor has over a decade of experience in the industry, but he hasn’t been involved in anything majorly big, something Rockstar usually looks for in its candidates. Both Shawn Fonteno and Steven Ogg from GTAV weren’t very well known, in fact, despite Ned Luke being involved in a number of movie / TV projects prior to GTAV, many fans hadn’t heard of him either. 


Despite fans trying to dissect Connor’s voice and compare it with Jason in the trailer, the resume doesn’t specifically say what his role is other than a ‘Lead’. Whilst many think he could be doing the performance capture for Jason, Connors’s may possibly be playing the enemy in the storyline. It’s rumoured from the leaks and internal sources that the storyline is based on love, a Bonnie & Clyde theme, so could the story include a nasty, jealous partner of Lucia who’s set out to get Jason out of the picture? Could Connors play a character who the pair owe money. At this point it’s anyone guess, but it’s interesting that his resume included a Rockstar Games 2025 release and has now been privatised.

The Rockstar community are fantastic when it comes to working out these sort of things, it only took 8 days after the GTAV reveal trailer for Ned Luke to be identified as playing Michael De Santa. There has however been a number of rumours circulating about GTA VI’s actors, including Bryan Zampella, but it was quickly determined that he was just enjoying trolling eager fans with his similar looks. 

Hopefully Trailer 2 will give us more of an in-depth look into Jason and his character, which ultimately may reveal his performance capture artist. 

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