GTA Online

GTAOnline Event Week January 5th – 11th

This week in GTAOnline the Festive Season continues as snow covers Southern San Andreas for another week long. A new set of vehicles are available to try and buy along with a bunch of bonuses and discounts to get you ready for a year of action.


HSW: Del Perro Beach

No matter where you are in the city, you’re in Hao’s house. So buckle up and pop your Dollar Phills haul: it’s time to gain some ground and smash some records. The time trial for Hao’s Special Works vehicles only.


Time Trial: LSIA

Like a driver for a ride share company whose lawyers insist they are definitely not employees, get across the whole city from LSIA like your star rating, future income, and whole self-worth depended on it.


RC Bandito Time Trial: Vespucci Beach

Time to take your long-awaited revenge and kick up sand in the face of al the good-looking, socially competent beachgoers…



This week in GTAOnline get:

  • Triple GTA$ and RP on Freemode Event Challenges
  • Double GTA$ and RP on Issi Classic Stunt Races
  • Double GTA$ and RP on First Dose Missions
  • Double GTA$ and RP on Security Contracts
  • 25% increase in Warehouse Sourcing Speed (this takes 36 minutes)


Going to be visiting the Diamond Casino and Resort this week? Don’t forget to spin the lucky wheel and try to win this weeks podium vehicle – HVY Insurgent saving you GTA$897,750.


This week the Prize Ride vehicle is the Pfister Growler and can be unlocked by becoming Top 1 for 4 consecutive days in a Street Race Series. This vehicle is usually GTA$1,627,000.


Whilst at the LS Car Meet, check out this week’s Premium Test Ride Vehicle, which is the Imponte Arbiter GT for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S players.


Also on the Test Track vehicles are the; Karin Kuruma (Armoured), Bravado Buffalo STX and Annis Euros.


Looking to test drive some vehicles and try before you buy? Head to the Luxury Autos Car Dealership and find the Enus Deity and Enus Jubilee.


Simeon’s Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom has the following vehicles in; HVY Nightshark; Mammoth Patriot Mil-Spec; Bravado Greenwood; Declasse Granger 3600LX and the Obey Omnis e-GT.


Throughout this week, take advantage of the following discounts in GTAOnline:

35% off:

  •  Dynasty 8 Properties

25% off:

  • Hydra
  • Buffalo STX
  • Nightshark
  • Patriot Mil-Spec
  • Mammoth Patriot


If you have GTA+ listen up! Members can pull up to the yearly holiday party in style thanks to the new Have You Seen Me? Sweater, and you will go down in history with the The Red-nosed costume and join the parade of wooden soldiers in The Nutcracker costume gifted unto logging in.


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