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GTAOnline: Los Santos Drug Wars Update Now Available

The latest addition to the Grand Theft Auto Online Updates has arrived, with the Los Santos Drug Wars hitting the streets of San Andreas in the first of a two-part story update featuring a ragtag crew of new arrivals led by Dax, a man-on-the-edge with high hopes of dosing the world, getting rich, and climbing to the top of the Southern San Andreas criminal food chain.

Experience six wild new story missions as you help an outlandish group of new arrivals to Southern San Andreas establish a fledgling business venture running high-grade hallucinogenics out of a new mobile headquarters. Plus, expand your fleet of classic and contemporary rides, and so much more in the first part of Los Santos Drug Wars — now available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.



Dax and his group of hard-partying nonconformists, the Fooliganz, are looking to establish their position by setting up shop in Blaine County. Embark on the trip of a lifetime and join the troupe at a new base of operations — The Freakshop — and take on The Lost MC and other adversaries to dominate the illicit drug trade. Complete the First Dose in six new missions and acquire the necessary lab equipment to unlock access to an Acid Lab in the rear of the new MTL Brickade 6×6. Then establish your new mobile business with your own brand of mind-bending substances.

Get started by answering a call from Ron Jakowski and meeting up with the Fooliganz above Liquor Ace in Sandy Shores. Through December 22, earn 2X GTA$ and RP on all these new missions as you help Dax and the Fooliganz establish their foothold.



Dax is many things to many people: the San Andreas Department of Corrections knows him as a repeat customer, a recently released violent, lewd, and lascivious offender. The Fooliganz in the troupe, on the other hand, recognize him as their leader, hero, narcotic messiah, and dude willing to go all the way for the cause. Dax will be your primary contact through First Dose.



The Fooliganz see themselves as less of a gang, and more of a tight-knit family of misfits that includes ravers, addicts, and outcasts of all stripes — including Luchadora, a metalhead wrestler who found a community in the Fooliganz and rose through the ranks to become Dax’s loyal second-in-command.



Good collaborations are all about chemistry. The Fooliganz are going to need help setting up and maintaining distribution throughout Los Santos and Blaine County. Labrat, The Freakshop’s resident chemist, will help you get the operation up and bubbling.



Ron Jakowski is so paranoid that friends say he lines the inside of his bucket hat with aluminum foil, but Nervous Ron is onto something for real this time. With Trevor gone, he’s discovered the seedy psychedelic underworld of the Fooliganz. He’ll be in touch shortly with an invitation, and you’ll get a chance to join the circus.


Looking to get into the wide world of psychedelics? Complete all of the missions in First Dose to steal the MTL Brickade 6×6, a heavy-duty vehicle that includes the Maibatsu Manchez Scout C motorcycle, which can be requested in Freemode and is used to deliver Acid Product.

Once you acquire the necessary lab equipment, the Brickade 6×6 will become your HQ to make your very own party drops on the go, and the talented Mutt will help you get your new business up and running. Install the Acid Lab upgrade at The Freakshop and source the ingredients, either by ordering supplies or procuring them using brute force, then manufacture and sell your product to those looking to open their third eye just a little bit wider.

Sourcing supplies can be as easy as paying Mutt to order them, or you can get your hands dirty by reclaiming runoff from Humane Labs, stealing grain and volatile chemicals. Rolling up your sleeves and putting in a short shift yourself will even boost production speeds. Once cooked, the final product will need to be delivered to prospective buyers and kept out of the hands of the authorities.


The troupe is a circus so huge that no tent in the world could cover it. But the Fooliganz hang out, cook up, and trip at The Freakshop, a psychedelic haven under the Los Santos Highway. Here, you’ll be able to take advantage of access to a Weapon Workshop to upgrade your arsenal, as well as modify your MTL Brickade 6×6 and Maibatsu Manchez Scout C.

Your newly-acquired Brickade 6×6 may resemble a rolling cinder block but stowing it in The Freakshop will allow you to extensively modify and customize it to your liking. Tune the engine, armor, brakes, and more to transform your mobile business into an unstoppable force on the road — and slap on a decorative livery for good measure. Mod your new Manchez Scout C motorcycle to deliver product even faster, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming the most reputable name in hallucinogenics.


A lot changed while Dax was in prison, and he’s dealing with a bit of culture shock adjusting to the outside: everyone vapes now, weed is legal, and all sorts of gangs moved in on the markets the Fooliganz used to run.

Help him make the FIB’s watchlist for activities that include running interference, sabotaging rival drug operations by poisoning crops, planting remote-controlled bombs, and other schemes. After joining the troupe and meeting their illustrious leader, pick up your phone and get in contact with Dax to request Fooligan Jobs that are kicking back 2X GTA$ and RP all week.



Överflöd’s quest to build a hypercar capable of reaching dizzying speeds while remaining firmly on the tarmac may have reached its pinnacle with the Entity MT Super car, available now from Legendary Motorsport and the Luxury Autos showroom.

But remember — where some mod shops shoot for the moon, Hao’s Special Works hurtles straight into the center of the sun. Players on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S can apply unique HSW upgrades at the LS Car Meet to experience the Entity MT’s true final form.



After four decades of pushing tech and perfecting performance, Annis presents the ultimate mega mix of their greatest hits. And if its throwback touches don’t persuade you, head to your Agency Garage to add some Imani Tech Upgrades in the form of a Missile Lock-On Jammer, Remote Control Unit, Slick Mines, and Armor Plating.

The Annis 300R Sports car is available from Legendary Motorsport, but only through December 28. You can also get up close and personal with the 300R and take it for a test drive at Simeon’s Premium Deluxe Motorsport showroom.



Everyone remembers the backseat of the four-door Tulip Muscle car — the sincere heart-to-hearts with cab drivers, the drunken rants, projectile vomiting on the dashboard without bias. Well, now’s your chance to sit up front for a change and, with only two doors, the good news is that nobody can pull the crap you used to pull.

The Declasse Tulip M-100 is now available via Southern San Andreas Super Autos.



The Journey II Van was designed with cross-country travel in mind, but then the housing crisis crushed most people’s dreams of ever owning a home — and suddenly living in a recreational vehicle looks appealing.

Indulge your mid-life crisis with the Zirconium Journey II, available now at Southern San Andreas Super Autos, and to test drive at Premium Deluxe Motorsport.



Are You Going to San Fierro?… In the middle of the previous century, an entire generation of would-be Yuppies dropped out of polite society to wear tie-dye, burn incense, and piss off their parents. The BF Surfer was their vehicle of choice. This new-and-improved Custom version of the beloved camper gives that hippie mainstay a 21st-century facelift and an engine refresh to match. Think of it like a former burnout with a great credit score.

The BF Surfer Custom Van is available now at Southern San Andreas Super Autos and to test drive at Premium Deluxe Motorsport.

And as part of Los Santos Drug Wars, look forward to a dozen additional new vehicles debuting at retailers in the coming weeks and months.


From Freakshop-ready Fatal Incursion ink and Logger Boots to snug new Onesies and colorful Ugglies, new clothing and ink has arrived at local shops across San Andreas, with hundreds of new items to offer. Plus, be on the lookout for a huge variety of patterned, embroidered, and unique clothing items in the events over the coming weeks and months.


Today’s update also introduces increased payouts in Smuggler’s Sell Missions as part of ongoing economy balancing, and a range of improvements based largely on player feedback including launching Business Sell Missions from the Benefactor Terrorbyte in all Session types, taking on Agatha’s Casino Story Missions solo, and more.

Players keen to trim down their iFruit’s Contact list and get to their favorite Contacts faster can now select which names to show/hide by pulling up the Interaction Menu, selecting Inventory and Phone Contact Favorites.


Beyond psychedelic trips and crop-dusting runs, Los Santos Drug Wars will continue over the coming weeks and months to deliver new vehicles, world events, and gameplay updates — beginning with new festive encounters and collectibles starting next week. Early next year, expect Downtown Cab Co. to be looking for new recruits, a traveling Gun Van offering exclusive items, street dealers looking to pay premiums for your product, a new garage with the most vehicle storage yet, and much more.

Stay tuned in to the Newswire for the latest and greatest, and be prepared for the Last Dose to kick in just when you least expect it…


The GTA Online community continues to astound and amaze in equal measure. The collective success of operators coming together to take down over GTA$4 trillion over the course of this year’s Heists Challenge sets the bar even higher, quadrupling 2020’s Heist Challenge total.

As a reward, all GTA Online players will be able to pick up the brand-new Declasse Tahoma Coupe Muscle car for free from December 16 through December 18, after which the Tahoma Coupe will be made widely available for purchase from Southern San Andreas Super Autos.


Visit Simeon’s Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom to get a closer look at three of the new vehicles this week — the Zirconium Journey II and BF Surfer Custom Vans, and Annis 300R (Sports) — as well as the pacey Benefactor Krieger (Super) and Karin Everon (Off-Road).

Meanwhile, the window display of the Luxury Autos Showroom is showing off the new Överflöd Entity MT (Super) available for HSW upgrades, and the Progen Itali GTB (Super: 30% off) for all to admire.

Spin the Lucky Wheel at The Diamond Casino & Resort — and if you’re supremely lucky you’ll walk away with the keys to the new Zirconium Journey II Van on the podium.

Visit the LS Car Meet’s Test Track anytime this week to give the Benefactor Stirling GT (Sports Classic: 30% off), Pfister Growler (Sports), and Vapid Dominator ASP (Muscle) preliminary trial drives, while determined competitors who finish in the Top 3 in Street Races for three days running will earn the Enus Windsor Drop (Coupe).

And bolster your roster of vehicles with 30% off the Progen Itali GTB (Super), Karin Kuruma (Sports), and Buckingham Vestra (Plane) this week.

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