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GTAOnline Event Week October 20th – 26‎th

The spooky season of Halloween is still in full-swing over Los Santos and Blaine County as it continues to haunt GTAOnline players this month. If you’ve missed what’s available and those creepy occurrences, you can read our article here.

The Cerberus Freemode Event is now Live along with some returning content such as Beast Vs Slasher. With this also comes 3x GTA$ and RP for completely the Freemode Events and 2x GTA$ and RP for Exotic Exports and Beast Vs Slasher Adversary Mode.

On attempting an Exotic Export though, it looks like you will begin getting chased, so watch out for those enemies!

Map Credit: GTAWeb.Eu


By logging into GTAOnline this week, you’ll simply earn yourself the “Famine” Halloween Mask. If that isn’t enough for you, find yourself a Payphone Hit and successfully complete it to unlock the “Green Vintage Mummy” Mask. Picture Credit: GTASeriesVideos.


This week in GTAOnline, the following vehicles are available:

  • Podium – THRAX
  • Prize Ride – VISERIS
  • Luxury Showcase – ENTITY XXR, NEON 

Image Credit: TezFunz2.


This week in GTAOnline you can grab yourselves the following discounts:

As more on this week’s event is revealed and announced by Rockstar Games, we will update the article. 

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