Welcome to the GTA V PC Mod section on Rockstar Universe. This is a place where you can browse, view and download a variety of different mods for GTAVPC to enhance and/or change your game. Mods are rather quite at the moment as GTAVPC hasn’t been launched for long, but the community are coming up with some great mods and we are definitely looking forward to seeing mods which are currently in development and planned for the near future! Below you can browse through the different categories which the mods are filed under.

*Due to recent conflict between Take-Two Interactive, Rockstar Games and the GTA Modding Community, we will not be promoting, suggesting or sharing any GTAOnline related mods. We respect both T2 and Rockstar Games and their decision on mods. You can however find links to different variants of mods for Single Player. Thank you for understanding*




Paint Jobs







All of the mods are hosted by GTA5-Mods and are created by the talented modders in our community. Remember these mods are designed mainly for Single Player. If you install a mod(s) and then attempt to use them in GTAOnline it may result in a ban. You have been warned.

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