Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online Event Month: May 2nd – May 29th

Today, starts a new RDO Event which puts the spotlight on Bounty Hunters and frontier justice, with bonuses on Legendary and Infamous Bounties, and Bounty Hunter Free Roam Events.

Earn a bunch of bonuses including DOUBLE REWARDS to be had for playing Call to Arms and the Il Sovrano Blood Money Opportunity, a new outfit inspired by the community, and more.

Bonuses & Incentives, Community inspired outfit and Discounts all available through May 29th.


  • 2X RDO$, Gold, and XP on Legendary and Infamous Bounties
  • 3X RDO$ and XP on the Day of Reckoning and Manhunt Free Roam Events
  • 2X RDO$, XP, and Gold on Most Wanted and Last Stand
  • 2X RDO$, XP, and Gold on Call to Arms
  • 2X RDO$, Gold and XP on Il Sovrano Blood Money Opportunity


  • May 2–8: Complete any 3 Bounties this week to receive the Bluewater Marsh Treasure Map
  • May 9–15: Complete an Infamous Bounty this week to receive the white and black pair of Arkwright Gloves
  • Bounty Hunters who are at Level 5 or above will receive a care package of 20 Poison Throwing Knives, 100 Express Repeater Ammo, and 100 Express Rifle Ammo.

  • Players who reach Low Honor will receive the Hush Your Mouth Emote
  • Double Bounty Hunter Experience Rewards for trading in Role XP for Gold at or above Rank 30
  • Complete Day of Reckoning anytime this month to receive a light blue pair of Penstock Pants for Male Characters or silver and black Hollyfield Bloomers for Female Characters
  • Finish a round of Manhunt between May 23–-29 to earn the silver and brown Palma Hat and a Reward to Reset your Bounty.


Check out the community inspired outfit created by YouTuber Splicer and unlock:

• Hinxman Hat
• Patterned Bandana
• Valdez Vest
• Union Suit (Male), Wide Collar Shirtwaist (Female)
• Bandito Pants
• Workman’s Gloves
• Hardie Boots
• Espinal Double Bandolier


  • 5 Gold Bars off the Prestigious Bounty Hunter License
  •  Prestigious Bounty Hunter variant of the LeMat
  •  Revolver – 40% off
  •  Bounty Hunter Outfits – 30% off
  •  Bounty Hunter Wagon – 30% off
  •  Bounty Hunter Wagon Tints – 50% off
  •  Bolas (including Hawkmoth, Brookstone, Gravesend) – 40% off
  •  Sniper Rifles – 40% off
  •  All Ammo – 40% off
  •  All Boots – 30% off
  •  All Hats – 30% off

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