GTAV Snapmatic Showroom: Edition #1 – April 2023

Throughout April we’ve been on the lookout for our Top 10 favourite Snapmatic Captures take by you, the Rockstar Games Community. Whether it be a landscape view of Los Santos at sunrise, the chaos caused by your GTAOnline Crew, or your favourite ride that been ramped up at LS Customs – we’ve chosen our favourites! Take a look below at our selection for April which features 10 snaps each from PC, PlayStation and Xbox Platforms. If you have any captures you wish to submit for featuring, let us know via Twitter or email us at!

All of the snapmatic captures featured in our April Edition below will be added to our dedicated Snapmatic Showroom

PC Selection


_In_The_Shadows_‘ and companion enjoying the sun, sea and sand.


bburak53‘ has captured this stunning sunset view of Downtown Los Santos featuring his GTAOnline Character and Lowrider.


DashokSashok‘ shows off the rear of their ride zipping through Downtown Vinewood with a gorgeous sunset on the horizon.


iCarla2000‘ captured this fantastic picture ensuring that her identity stays concealed… 


Cash is King… as ‘MystiqueJess‘ quite clearly shows off how much she’s been earning from the business battles of Los Santos.


Looks like ‘Nicole_Bellic‘ has been BUSTED!


Our favourite capture from this month, featuring in our Edition’s main image. – ‘nolfstyle‘ has captured a breath-taking view of Vinewood Hills whilst enjoying a drop of whiskey from a hard-day’s graft.



Isn’t nature just beautiful? ‘Pharaoh-Ra‘ shows off some gorgeous water reflection work with the nature of San Andreas.


Another one of our top favourites from ‘Ta_tiana‘ in preparation of a basketball play-off at Vespucci Beach. 


Zagadochnaya24‘ has done a fantastic job using GTAOnline and Snapmatic in order to recreate  a Beyond: Two Souls artwork featuring Jodie Holmes. 

PlayStation Selection


Whether it be V for Vinewood or V for GTAV, the Vinewood Sign is an iconic location for any picture just like ‘ARADLSHOT‘ has chosen for theirs.


Featuring high-heels, a pole and a booty, I think we all know where ‘Cheetah_Grl‘ took this capture…


Clubster_001‘ captures two figures entwined beneath a fiery red sky, consumed by a moment of intense passion and trust.


Did someone say House of The Rising Sun? ‘DON-800-JOKER‘ has done a great job at capturing a 60’s vibe even on the previous PS4 system!


Operation Expedition To The Unknown is a go! ‘Mango_ZA‘ captures the underworld beauty featuring the Kraken Avisa sub-aquatic vehicle.


The streets of Los Santos are those not to be walked at night… ‘Miss_Birdy0_0‘ captures this stunning black and white picture giving off eery Halloween vibes. 


njChaplin‘ did a great job at capturing nature unleashing its wrath upon the chaotic streets of Sandy Shores, as a massive tornado rips through the town with unbridled fury.


An Eudora tuner owned by ‘NUMHERO5‘ gleams under the warm, grounded sunset at Del Perro pier.


Social Club member ‘X100000000000000‘ falls to their death in a horrific freak accident.


Los Santos streets bask in the warm glow of a traditional sunset, captured by ‘xX1loveit1Xx‘.

Xbox Selection


A late evening bike ride featuring the beautiful hillside sunset, captured by ‘Akaiteam‘. 


FocusedLeader40‘ showing off their Ocelot Virtue, featuring their Crew Outlaws Forever 1961


Another day, another dollar. ‘la_gonorrea‘ (interesting username) shows off the warm sun laying down to rest at Del Perro Pier. 


msrynvr‘ captures some extreme Double Trouble!


Nomad4683‘ heads for an off-road mountain climb. Glad to see them wearing a helmet… safety first!


Another one from ‘Nomad4683‘ featuring his beast, ready to cause chaos as part of the Cycho Cycles Crew.


A nice morning stroll through Richman St by ‘shortKAYLA13‘.


Looks like the LSFD are going to need a new truck as ‘TuxedoedCrinare‘ causes chaos on the streets.


We couldn’t not feature this dark and gritty capture by ‘xllostsoullx‘ which gives off extreme Epsilon Program teaser vibes from pre-2013 release.


What a way to enjoy a night after robbing stores and killing innocent civilians. ‘xWhalleyyy‘ enjoys the night-time view of Downtown Los Santos from their Yacht. 

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