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Rockstar Universe Presents: Snapmatic Showroom Coming Early 2023

If it’s one thing which we love about the Rockstar Games Community, it’s the creativity that players get up to with the in-game tools such as the Snapmatic Camera and Rockstar Editor. A few years ago we had a section on our website called ‘Snapmatic Showroom’, a page dedicated to showing off the community’s captures of Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online by simply using the Snapmatic app from the in-game phone. 

Today we are proud to announce that we will be bringing back the Snapmatic Showroom in early 2023, bigger and better than ever before!

With the re-release of GTAV earlier this year for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, players have been given upgraded resolution and graphics to capture the life of San Andreas in more detail than ever before. Plus with the recent Los Santos Drug Wars update which launched last week, Rockstar Games have introduced all-new Ray-Tracing reflections to the Fidelity Mode (available only on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S) which has allowed players to capture even more stunning in-game photos using the Snapmatic app, just like this capture from Social Club user ‘youronlyh0pe‘ who has utilised the new breath-taking reflections to show off their BF Weevil.

Each week we will be on the look out for our favourite 10 Snapmatics published on the Rockstar Games Social Club which will be featured in an appreciation post and added to our dedicated Snapmatic Showroom, a new page coming to our website in the New Year. For those who get featured, we’ll even occasionally run the odd competition where we’ll provide a theme of which the best Snapmatic will win a prize in real-life, whether this be Rockstar Game t-shirts, stickers, games and more. We’ll provide more information on this in the coming weeks and months ahead.

We absolutely love how creative the community can be, such as Social Club Member ‘wmiguel108mw‘ who has got in the Festive spirit following the recent snowfall in San Andreas. Whether you’ve captured a stunning sunset landscape of Los Santos and Blaine County, your favourite ride to cruise around the streets of Downtown in, your warm nights in watching the TV with your friends, or even the mischievous events you get up to in your spare time, whatever it is that you capture and create, we will be on the lookout for it! You can even submit your Snapmatic captures directly to us via Twitter or emailing them to us at

We can’t wait to get our Showroom up and running in the New Year and look forward to seeing some fantastic Snapmatic captures from the community!

Hi, I'm Lewis! - I'm 25 years old and from the UK. I am the owner and founder of Rockstar Universe, which was founded in 2014 following the release of Grand Theft Auto V. I'm responsible for writing articles, running the website and managing the social media platforms. I'm a huge fan of the Grand Theft Auto franchise and have been for over 2 decades - with GTA IV being my ultimate favourite release.