Grand Theft Auto

Official Grand Theft Auto Playlist Now Available on Spotify

A Brand-New Official Playlist for the soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto is now available on Spotify. 

If it’s one thing which the Grand Theft Auto series never fails to achieve, it’s the sweet sound of music available on the in-game radio. Now, for the first time ever on Spotify, a brand-new playlist, curated just for you and based on your Spotify listening preferences, is now available. If you’re more into the sweets 80’s pop of Vice City, you’ll find music like this in the playlist, but if you then become a TLAD Liberty City Hardcore headbanger… then your music preference will change and the playlist will automatically adapt to reflect this.

Grand Theft Auto Radio‘ showcases everything form the ‘new wave of Vice City’s Flash FM, to the hip-hop classics of GTAIV’s The Beat 102.7 – all the way through to the latest GTA Online Updates, and more’. 

You can check out the official playlist here, which is also embedded down below. 

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