Snapmatic Showroom

Welcome to our Snapmatic Showroom – a place that contains some of the greatest and most phenomenal Snapmatics captured by you, the Rockstar Games Community. Whether it be the latest ride to come to the streets of San Andreas; a breath-taking sunset featuring the glitz and glamour of Vinewood Hills; or a quick selfie before a mass-shootout on the top of Mount Chiliad; we look for anything and everything that the community captures!


Each month we browse through the Rockstar Games Social Club to find our Top 10 favourite captures from each platform (Xbox, PlayStation & PC) and feature them in our dedicated monthly articles, giving them the acknowledgement and recognition that they deserve. All captures featured in our monthly editions are then added right here, to our dedicated Showroom for all to see and easily access. 


If you have a Snapmatic photo that you’ve captured and think is worthy of having a place in our Showroom then be sure to send it us!

Edition #1 ~ April 2023


PC Snapmatics


PlayStation Snapmatics


Xbox Snapmatics

Edition #2 ~ May 2023


PC Snapmatics


PlayStation Snapmatics


Xbox Snapmatics

Edition #3 ~ June 2023

Edition #4 ~ July 2023

Edition #5 ~ August 2023

Edition #6 ~ September 2023

Edition #7 ~ October 2023

Edition #8 ~ November 2023

Edition #9 ~ December 2023

Edition #10 ~ January 2024

Edition #11 ~ February 2024

Edition #12 ~ March 2024