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GTAOnline Heists Event Month: Double Rewards on Setup & Prep Missions + More!

The Halloween season may be over in Los Santos & Blaine County, but that doesn’t mean the action is. For the whole month of November, reap huge awards by getting your heist gear on and your guns loaded as the Heist Event kicks in, along with a bunch of discounts on vehicles, properties, weapons and equipment. In addition to this, today GTA+ members can grab this month’s exclusive content and discounts.


Simply log in to GTAOnline this week to unlock the Black Rockstar Tee. This will automatically be added to your wardrobe. 


Hao’s Special Works Time Trial, ‘East Vinewood’: There are time trials, and then there are HSW time trials. The difference? Just check your speedometer as you nosedive into the Vespucci Beach public bathrooms. This Time Trial is for HSW vehicles only and will award you with GTA$251,000 for completing.


Time Trial, ‘Up Chiliad’: This time trial on one of Mount Chiliad’s most perilous faces is a golden opportunity for show-offs and reconstructive surgeons alike. Remember to book a bed at Mount Zonah Medical Centre before you set off. 


RC Bandito Time Trial, ‘Construction Site II’: Sure, if this is your day job, the unsecured scaffolding and lack of guardrails are hazards. But you’re driving an RC car at high speed. And that makes them features…


This week on The Diamond Casino & Resort Podium is the Pfister Comet SR. Take your spin each day for the chance to win this vehicle worth GTA$1,145,000.


This week’s Test Track Vehicles at the LS Car Meet are the; Grotti GT500, Overflod Autarch and Ocelot Pariah.


Premium Test Ride, Bravado Banshee: At this point, the Bravado Banshee is practically synonymous with Grand Theft Auto. Generations of players have cut their teeth weaving through oncoming traffic in the Banshee, and now the crew at Hao’s Special Works is determined to put it in a lane all its own.


LS Car Meet Prize Ride, The Declasse Mamba: Competitive LS Car Meet Members who manage to fight their way to the top of the pile and place Top 3 in Street Races for 5 days running will earn the keys to the Declasse Mamba.


This week in the Luxury Autos Showroom, located right across the street from Record A Studios is the Lampadati Viseris (Purchase for $568,750) & Ubermacht SC1 (Purchase for $1,041,950).



Pay a visit to Simeon Yetarian’s Premium Deluxe Motorsport showroom to stroll between the following vehicles — just don’t ask the local auto-mogul how he got his hands on them:

  • The Karin Sultan RS Classic painted Torino Red
  • A Bleached Brown Vapid Hustler with the Basic Pinstripe livery equipped
  • The Übermacht Sentinel Classic in Bluish Silver with Racing Blue Pearlescent
  • A Black and Pearlescent Race Yellow Albany Hermes with the Ghost Flames livery
  • The Übermacht Cypher dripping in an Olive Green paint job and wrapped in the Fleeca Circuit livery, which is only available for a limited time


2X GTA$ and RP on Street Races: A real motorhead looks at the map of Los Santos and sees an ocean of choices: stoplights turn into starting lines; traffic turns into a field of competitive racers; detours turn into lap-saving shortcuts. Whether you’re first or last, all competitors will earn 2X GTA$ and RP for taking part in Street Races this week.


2X GTA$ and RP on Hunting Pack (Remix): Hunting Pack (Remix) takes the high-speed tension of the original Hunting Pack, and injects it chockfull of adrenaline, weaponized vehicles, assorted unpronounceable research chemicals, and Double Rewards all week long.


This week only, operators can also earn an extra 50% GTA$ and RP, plus the Cliffford Hoodie for thwarting a global threat in The Doomsday Heist.

To make matters easier, setup costs for The Data BreachesThe Bogdan Problem, and The Doomsday Scenario are all 50% off, and Gas Masks used during The Doomsday Heist are 35% off. Successfully breaching a submarine and completing The Bogdan Problem anytime this week, meanwhile, will net you the Cliffford Varsity bomber jacket.

Crime never takes a day off in Los Santos, but it pays overtime to plan and execute schemes on vaults and stashes around the city this month, including:

  • 2X GTA$ and RP on all Setup Missions for all classic Heists and 1.5X GTA$ and RP on all Prep Missions in The Doomsday Heist for the whole month

  • Complete all the Heist Finales within the next 3 weeks to receive a lump-sum bonus of GTA$2,000,000

This week, learn the ropes and polish your skills by completing The Fleeca Job to earn Double Rewards through November 9. The extra 50% GTA$ for GTA+ Members stacks on top of this, resulting in a 3X GTA$ bonus.


GTA+ Members can make the most of this month with a Buckingham SuperVolito helicopter and Penthouse Suite 1 atop Eclipse Towers. Plus, get a free Apartment Style change for any of the three Penthouse Suites at Eclipse Towers, as well as:

  • Guaranteed Panther Statue target once per week on The Cayo Perico Heist
  • 50% extra GTA$ on The Fleeca Job, The Prison Break, The Humane Labs, Series A Funding, and The Pacific Standard Job
  • Free Utility Vests and Bulletproof Helmets, plus the Still Slipping Tie-Dye Tee and Hat
  • 2X Rep on all LS Car Meet Races
  • Additional Member bonuses

Visit the GTA+ website to check out all the GTA+ Membership Benefits available through December 12. To learn more about how to make the most of your GTA+ Membership, check out the GTA+ Guide.


50% off Doomsday Heist Setup Cost

40% off Facilities (+Renovations)

35% off:

  • Akula ($2,407,632 – $1,810,250)
  • Barrage ($1,378,877 – $1,036,750)
  • Volatol ($2,420,600 – $1,820,000)
  • Hustler ($406,250)
  • Pariah ($923,000)
  • SC1 ($1,041,950)
  • Sentinel Classic (£422,500 – $316,875)
  • Viseris ($568,750)

30% off:

  • Autarch ($1,368,500)
  • Hermes ($374,500)
  • GT500 ($549,500)
  • Kamacho ($241,500)

25% off:

  • Khanjali ($2,997,762 – $2,171,250)
  • RCV ($2,344,125 – $1,762,500)


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