Midnight Club Los Angeles

Midnight Club Los Angeles Remaster Rumoured

Midnight Club is one of Rockstar Games’ less popular franchises these days, although is a lot friendlier you could say, as it offers no violence like Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption do, however it may be that the last entry in the Midnight Club series; known as Midnight Club: Los Angeles, could be in the works for a remaster for current-generation consoles. 

Midnight Club LA released back in 2008 a few months after the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto IV. The game (which title gives it away), takes players around the streets of Los Angeles, allowing them to compete in a variety of different races, customise their rides to own the streets of LA. 

The rumour comes from Markus Lienzl, who has posted on his Instagram stating that Rockstar Games have licensed his music track “Dundy Lion” for the game #midnightclublosangeles again! They will use it for the official trailer and ingame-music for the remasteted MCLA ( next gen consoles). Honoured and thankful:)“.

For those of you who don’t know, but Markus’ song ‘Dundy Lion’ is actually the game’s main Theme Song, so it would make sense for Rockstar to re-license the track if they planned to use it for a new project, as music licensing only lasts a certain amount of time (which is why some tracks in GTA IV and GTA The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition were removed). It’s important to take note that this post is from August 2021, which is over a year ago now. 

As much as it would be cool to have a remastered Midnight Club game, I personally don’t see it happening for a number of reasons; 1) We now know from the recent leaks that GTAVI is Rockstar’s next title. It’s also one of the most anticipated titles in gaming, so it’s unlikely Rockstar Games will be working on a remaster when all their development teams will be focused on the next GTA title. That being said, they could have hired a smaller third-party developer to create the remaster, however after the negative reviews of GTA: The Trilogy: DE from Grove Street Games, it would likely be that Rockstar would want to create the remaster themselves so that it can be done properly (sorry GSG). 2) Both GTAIV and Red Dead Redemption were rumoured to be in development as remasters, but have since been shelved so that full-focus can be given to GTAVI. It would make sense that if MC:LA was going to be remastered, this has probably also been shelved until GTAVI is finished and released. 

As cool as it would be to have a fresh Midnight Club experience in 4K 60FPS, I think expectations are a little too high, but it doesn’t mean never. Just not right now. Until we have the official word from Rockstar Games, we’re going to assume the remaster is off the table. 

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