Grand Theft Auto VI

Rockstar Games Begin Teasing GTA 6

Earlier this year the biggest gaming leak in history occurred with over 90 clips of the most-anticipated game, GTA 6 handed out to the world like candy to a child. Grand Theft Auto VI or 6, or whatever it’ll be called is still the most awaited title in the gaming community, and with nearly a decade since the last entry in the series released it’s left fans wanting to know more. 

Rockstar has never been one to just talk about a game without dropping little hints here and there, and since the leaks it’s made people wonder whether they’ll take a different approach on revealing what the next Grand Theft Auto game has to offer. That being said, they could be teasing the next entry to us already, and it’s right under our noses.

Following the release of the latest GTAOnline Update, ‘The Los Santos Drug Wars’, a bunch of new items were made available. One of these being the Karin Hotring Everon, a new vehicle purchasable from Southern San Andreas Super Autos. The thing to note about this vehicle is, there’s an eCola livery available which features a new-updated version of the eCola bottle. This new eCola bottle was spotted in the GTA 6 leaks earlier this year. 


On the left is the current eCola bottle spotted in and around Grand Theft Auto V, on the right is the newest design found on the Hotring Everon livery, but also spotted in the GTA 6 leaks. (For obvious copyright reasons and to stop Take-Two suing our ass, we can’t show the GTA 6 footage). Now it’s quite possible that Rockstar have updated the eCola bottle for GTA V and are just re-using assets in GTA 6 during development, this isn’t unusual for game development, however it could also be intentional. Either way it’s worth noting. 

On December 15th, Rockstar tweeted out a short video of their Rockstar logo with some whacky, off-your-head on some super-strong acid-type-shit theme. The tweet, without any text, has hit 27.3 million views, because well what did everyone think? Ah yes… GTA6! – Well unfortunately it’s not, it was a promotional video for The Los Santos Drug Wars Update, but let’s face it, Rockstar knew exactly what they were doing and knew people would think it was related to the next GTA game, after-all that’s what they do when they announce a game? Drop a Rockstar logo with some game-related background art and then sit silently laughing behind their screens whilst the world goes mad and craves even more info. 

The community as always, delved deep into the video and believe there to be 6 separate beats, potentially hinting to the ‘6’ being the next GTA game. It’s a stretch, but it’s possible. Check the video out below. 

The next thing possibly hinting at GTA 6 is Rockstar’s latest Happy Holidays tweet. The video shows the art of a Christmas tree with decorations such as grenades, knuckle-dusters, razers, a Gingerbread face and what looks to be a Mr. Raspberry Jam bear which is found on Trevor’s personal vehicle. There is however, a helicopter decoration, but it’s no ordinary helicopter. Check the video out below and see if you can spot it.  

Now this helicopter looks very familiar when you look at the Miami Police Department’s police chopper…

The two helicopters are identical in every way. If you pay attention to the Grand Theft Auto cover arts, you’ll also know that every single cover art features a helicopter in the top left corner. So does this mean Rockstar have been sneaky and teased the helicopter from the up-coming GTA 6 cover art? We know the game is going to be set in Vice City (Miami), so it’s plausible!

Shout to NestorSite on Twitter for noticing this!

Many people expected a GTA 6 announcement this year, but as it draws to a close next week that’s not going to happen, but with the recent teases above and the high anticipation for the next entry in the series, the liklihood of us seeing an announcement and a first proper look at the next GTA in 2023 seems very very possible. 

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