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Rockstar Universe Snapmatic Competition – Our Winners!

By In Grand Theft Auto V On 29 September 2021

Last week we asked our community to vote on their favourite Snapmatic entry for our competition here. We had some fantastic entries and all were great, however there could only be 3 winners! Today we can reveal who has won out competition!

1st Place – @xDoTz78

In first place with 14 votes is xDoTz78’s entry, showing off a sunset evening in Los Santos… but it wouldn’t be an ordinary evening if there wasn’t a police chase going on around Rockford Hills would it? This snapmatic also gives me GTA IV vibes every time I look at it as it reminds me of the second trailer, but our community has voted it as our favourite, so congrats!

2nd Place – @PetayPanMoFo

This entry is personally one of my favourites, PetayPanMoFo has done an incredible job to capture the dark and gritty vibes of Downtown LS at night. We all know walking the streets can be an eerie feeling and this captures it perfectly. Would you believe us if we said this was also capture on the Xbox 360 version!

3rd Place – @Vinewood_Motors

Last but not least, from our friend Vinewood Motors, who has captured this astounding snapmatic showing off the Vinewood sign up in Vinewood Hills, but also his GTA Online character representing the USA flag on the Sovereign. You all voted this after a second vote between a skyline view of LS after both entries received the same votes, so congratulations, Josh!

Each of our winners will receive a Rockstar Games theme t-shirt from the selection offered, as well as some of our cool Rockstar Universe stickers! For those who didn’t win this time, thank you for entering our giveaway and stay tuned for more coming up! Have a look below at a select few of our favourite entries that didn’t make it to the winning stage, but we felt still deserved to be shared!

By @R3nsoXD


By @diamond_biscutz


By @TheWildBandit89


By @@videotech_

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