GTA Online

GTA Online Event Week November 16th – 22nd

A brand-new Event Week is available in GTA Online which introduced another new Community Challenge, a bunch of discounts and the return of Peyote Plants!


The Doomsday Scenario Community Challenge (active through November 22):

  • Collectively take over GTA$100,000,000,000 (100 billion) from Act III (The Doomsday Scenario) of The Doomsday Heist to unlock a new livery for the Pegassi Zentorno, delivered later this year. 


Earn the following bonuses through November 22nd:

  • 3x GTA$ and RP on new Community Series Jobs
  • 2x GTA$ and RP on The Doomsday Scenario Finale and Doomsday Heist Prep Missions


Head to the Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom where you’ll find the following vehicles:

  • Pegassi Tezeract (Super) 

  • Progen Emerus (Super, 40% off) 

  • Grotti Furia (Super) 

  • Vapid Clique Wagon (Muscle, 40% off) 

  • Declasse Vigero ZX (Muscle) 


Head to the Luxury Autos Showroom where you’ll find the following two vehicles, both with a 50% discount:

  • Übermacht Revolter

  • Emperor ETR


Take a trip to the LS Car Meet this week in which you’ll find the Test Rides, Premium Test Rides and also the Prize Ride Challenge. These are:


Prize Ride Challenge:

  • Place Top 5 in the LS Car Meet Series two days in a row to win the Karin 190z (Sports Classic).


Test Rides:

  • Declasse Mamba (Sports Classic) 

  • Truffade Z-Type (Sports Classic)

  • Albany Hermes (Muscle, 50% off) 


Premium Test Ride:

  • Maibatsu MonstroCiti (Off-Road)


Free dinks at the Casino

Waived Setup Cost for Original Heists


25% off:

  • Mammoth F-160 Raiju (Plane)


40% off:

  • Vapid Clique Wagon (Muscle)
  • Progen Emerus (Super) 


50% off:

  • Apartment Properties
  • Facility Properties
  • Facility Upgrades and Modifications
  • Pegassi Zentorno
  • Emperor ETR1
  • Übermacht Revolter (Sports)
  • Albany Hermes (Muscle)


Bag yourself a nice little bonus by successfully beating the Par Time in both Time Trials this week.

Premium Race: Taking Off, locked to Super

Time Trial: Elysian Island II

HSW Time Trial:Pacific Bluffs to Mount Gordo


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