Rockstar Universe

An Update From Us


The Rockstar Universe account has always been a source of excitement and anticipation for other fans of Rockstar Games since our founding in 2014—and as we approach 2024, the milestone of ten years of journalism for us, the voluntary enthusiast team behind the scenes always work tirelessly to ensure that like-minded fans have a high-quality experience viewing the latest news the collective community has to offer—and these upcoming years are no exception.

Our team has recently been working relentlessly to improve your experience. We have been focusing on critical areas such as quality, accountability, and trust to ensure a high content standard as we head into the future. We are taking proactive measures to discourage the sharing of spoilers on our platform. Our priority is to provide you with a good quality of life as we, fans of Rockstar Games, would also come to expect—and we believe our revisions have already started making a difference.

We are incredibly grateful for the phenomenal growth and support we have witnessed recently. We assure you that your unwavering enthusiasm and dedication to the Rockstar Universe fan account have been remarkable, and we are humbled to share such a fantastic community.

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we are thrilled to introduce several new members who have joined our team and recognise the hard work of community members who have helped in our development. Their shared passion and expertise will undoubtedly enhance our ability to deliver around-the-clock, qualitative news you can rely on. We’re thrilled to introduce @that1detectiv3, @Nuro_Citrix and welcome back @LumenHD!

And that’s not all! We are proud to present a new medium of posting: the Squadcast podcast. This podcast will serve as a platform for us to engage in regular conversations and round up developing public news surrounding the Rockstar Games studios and personalities. We are thrilled to share that the Squadcast will be broadcast live on ‘𝕏 Spaces’ with the participation of well-known community members. Together, we will explore the announced information and delve into the exciting developments of Rockstar Games; we believe this new format will provide a unique and immersive experience for all of you.

In addition to the Squadcast podcast, we have recently refreshed the Rockstar Universe website to serve as a central hub for all the latest stories as they develop. We aim to create a space where you can find all the information you need, from breaking news to exclusive interviews and insightful analysis. We want to ensure you get all the updates for your favourite games.

We are just as passionate fans as you are. It’s important to note that we are not the developers but rather a fan account eagerly anticipating new games and updates. We understand the excitement and anticipation of each new release and would like to talk to you about it, but it must be done whilst respecting intellectual property. Moving forward, we want to provide you with the most accurate and engaging content while respecting the boundaries between fan accounts and the official development team.

Thank you for your incredible support and being part of this fantastic community for a game studio we’re all passionate about. We are truly grateful for your continued presence and look forward to embarking on this exciting journey together.